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CBDfx Chill Shot Review: 20 mg of Pure CBD Relaxation

A chill shot of naturally organic sources made by one of the most reliable brands in the CBD industry.

It’s impossible to talk about a CBDfx product without first talking about the brand itself. Why? you ask.

Well, the answer is simple.

CBDfx is one of the biggest (5th biggest privately owned), and definitely the most influential CBD companies in the world right now. A California-based company that has outgrown its San Fernando Valley roots to become a company with more than 100 employees that work towards the same goal; Delivering the finest, purest, and most effective CBD products on the planet.

CBDfx tracks its products throughout the entire process, from seed to sale. This ensures that every single CBDfx product keeps a quality standard that sets it apart from the pack and uses nothing but organically sourced ingredients.

That said:

CBDfx has made it their number one task to make quality their highest virtue.

CBDfx Chill Shots

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Chill Shots are ready-to-drink 60ml CBD shots that come in two flavor options; An extremely refreshing Lemonade shot or an unbelievably delicious tart berry-flavored option.

Each shot comes with up to 20mg of CBD per serving made from hemp-based cannabinoids. Both formulated with a combination of cannabinoids and terpenes that will help you unwind even after the most stressful of days.

CBDfx Chill Shots are made with broad-spectrum CBD with 0% THC and 200mg of L-Theanine that come together to help your mind and body relax. Other ingredients of the CBDfx Chill Shot include Vitamin B6, Magnesium, and Zinc. Not to mention that you’re purchasing a naturally sweetened drink, with zero added sugars, and made 100% vegan ingredients.

Our Take On CBDfx Chill Shots

There are a number of features that make a drink good or bad. The ones we can come up with are; flavor, convenience, and overall quality.

Convenience is a no brainer with the Lemonade and Berry options alike. A 60ml bottle that fits in the fridge without taking up any significant space and fits right in your pocket if you suddenly find yourself on the go.

As for quality, if it wasn’t clear already clear, anything from CBDfx is a reliable product. Always made with organically sourced raw materials and in this case, the result is a 100% vegan product. So, quality is not a concern with either flavor option either.

The unwinding effects of the shot kick in about 20 minutes after taking it. Resulting in a relaxing body and mind feeling that does not leave you feeling groggy and fog-headed.

Berry Flavor:

If you happen to be a fan of sweet drinks, then the berry flavor is probably exactly what you were looking for. Although a little bit syrupy in taste, we very much like the Berry option. For some reason, berry flavor has been up there for us for a long time with pretty much any drink.

Lemonade Flavor:

Hemp-based products tend to have a slight herbal taste that overpowers whatever the ‘call-out’ flavor is. This is not the case with CBDfx Lemonade Shot. Sweet, but less so than the Berry option and in our opinion feels more refreshing too. 

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