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Common Cannabis Pests & How To Manage Them

Don't let these pests bring you down. Here's how to keep your crop healthy and pest-free.

Growing cannabis is a pastime for many. If you’re a beginner and unsure of what to expect, here’s something you’ll want to consider.

As with most garden plants and backyard grows, your plants are at risk of danger from common pests. These pests might seem like your regular flies and ants, but they’re actually quite dangerous when it comes down to growing healthy, strong, and successful cannabis plants.

Below, we’ve included a brief rundown of the three most common cannabis pests, how to prevent them, and how to manage them. Even if you have no pests in sight, take note of the prevention methods listed below to ensure you’ll never encounter these critters. Read on to learn more.


What Are Thrips?: These are the most common pests found on cannabis plants. More specifically, thrips thrive on the leaves and flowers of your plant. They love your cannabis buds. They’re skinny and long little bugs you’ll find on the back of cannabis leaves. They suck the juices and nutrients out of leaves and buds, leaving behind holes and discoloration.

How To Prevent Thrips: Luckily, thrips are quite easy to prevent with the proper practices. However, they can also return pretty quickly, so be sure to inspect your plants often. The best way to prevent thrips is by making a DIY pesticide with natural ingredients. You can also set up sticky traps to catch any low-crawling critters. Also, remove dead leaves to reduce thrip buildup.

How To Manage Thrips: Similar to prevention, you can also manage thrips by using a DIY pesticide. Spray them over the bugs, and they should suffocate and fall off the plant.

Spider Mites

What Are Spider Mites?: The second most common cannabis pests are spider mites. They are teenie tiny green or brown mites that resemble spiders, and they’re also located on the back of your cannabis leaves. Spider mites suck juices and nutrients from leaves and flowers, and they can multiply quickly.

How To Prevent Spider Mites: Spider Mites love dirty and humid areas. Ensure your grow space is clean and free of dead leaves to reduce the spider mite population. Also, spraying your plants with a DIY pesticide works too.

How To Manage Spider Mites: In some cases, spider mites can wreak havoc on your plants and become abundant. If that’s the case, and DIY pesticides don’t work, consider introducing a predator pest to kill and eat your spider mites.


What Are Whiteflies?: Whiteflies are tiny little bugs resembling maggots and moths in that they have wings. They are small, white, and unwanted. Whiteflies will lay eggs on the back of cannabis leaves and can multiply by the hundreds in a few days. They chew away your leaves and leave holes behind, and they also suck out the plant’s juices and nutrients.

How To Prevent Whiteflies: Your best bet for preventing whiteflies is making a DIY pesticide with natural ingredients. You could also use a sheer protective curtain to keep whiteflies and all other pests away. Finally, setting up sticky traps near your plant will also help.

How To Manage Whiteflies: Once you have a whitefly infestation, it’s time to make a DIY pesticide. I’ve mentioned it in almost every section because it’s simply the best way to prevent and manage most pests. Be sure to check out this guide on how to make a DIY pesticide and spray your plants with confidence.

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