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Learn | 02.04.2022

Meet Dosist’s New Bliss Gummies

What we love about their vapes, now in gummy form.

It’s easy to find weed gummies just about anywhere these days. But this is a weakness in the market since it has a broader catalog that can be overwhelming for most users.

Thankfully, we here at Herb take the careful time to peel back the tags and labels of different cannabis and hemp-made products, so we can give you the nitty-gritty on what’s worth it and what isn’t.

In this case, we simply cannot stop raving about Dosist as a brand, as well as makers of some of the best relaxing cannabinoid-infused gummies. 

About Dosist & Dosist Bliss

Dosist gummies are plant-based, a vital quality to highlight in a world where many have dietary restrictions (whether by choice or health reasons).

They’re vegan, and gluten-free products combine the best of healthy, animal-free foods with the art of making delicious candy. They never give up on flavor in favor of being cleaner and simpler with their ingredients.

Their sleep formula has new 5 mg gummies that have a 5 to 1 ratio of THC and CBN, and their blackberry lavender flavoring is also helpful when it comes to rest. Each packet comes with 20 pieces, amounting to 100mg of cannabinoids total.


THC is probably the most known cannabinoid, although it can be extracted from hemp and cannabis plants.

This is the psychoactive one, meaning it’s the ingredient that your mom will warn you about. Its effects can range from calming to energizing, and we know that sounds contradictory, but we promise it makes sense.

Different kinds of strains, such as Sativa or Indica, can enhance the high in different manners; one will be more helpful if you want to chill, while the other is better if you want a change of pace during your day. 

CBN is like the lesser-known cousin of CBD, and although the same parts of the organism process both, they have different effects.

CBN is more difficult to find in regular products that we’ve seen already, including CBD, because it hasn’t been as tested; this being said, they are both safe for consumption, and CBN has shown better use for physical ailments such as joint pains, headaches and muscular stress.

Overall, including it is great to boost your sleeping experience before and during that REM cycle. 


These gummies are mildly psychoactive but not enough to send you spiraling just as you’re about to hit the sack.

Prepare to have even your mood boosted, and they’ll act quickly enough to help you fall back and relax and stay asleep during the whole night.


Their effects are calming both physically and mentally; we recommend not leaving everything just to the gummies, but rather add them into your already relaxing nightime routine, so you can leave everything ready to enjoy your resting hours.

It won’t make you groggy or fatigued when you wake up either, so the effects will only stay during slumber.

How To Use

They’re easy to take: just eat one before bed, and wait a couple of minutes until you start feeling the effects.

Afterwards, enjoy the hours you stay in dreamland, ready to awaken feeling refreshed. 

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