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Our Full Review Of Dosist’s Bliss Vape Pen

Life's easier with one of these pens.

Technology is here to make our lives easier in different areas, which now includes smoking in a controlled and effective way.

This product has revolutionary technology that allows users to know in detail how much product they have ingested, being a great revelation for the current industry.

Dosist’s all-in-one bliss has a subtle floral flavor that we know you’ll love. This product is known to act as mood enhancer, providing a sense of contentment without causing a strong high.

About Dosist & Dosist Bliss

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Dosist is a renowned wellness company. Since 2016, it has focused on harnessing the healing power of cannabis and providing natural, plant-based therapies delivered through controlled-dose technology that is consistent, effective, and predictable. 

Dosist enables people to naturally manage their health and happiness through controlled-dose cannabis therapy.

This company has had multiple global recognition due to its modern and revolutionary approach, in which cannabis consumption is controlled and predictable. 

It is recognized for its specific formulas and use of safe materials. They have also been groundbreaking with their patented and award-winning dosage control devices.

Specifically, we are very surprised and excited about bliss by dosist. It is an all-in-one battery and vape cartridge combo. With a 9:1 THC to CBD formula that helps you feel just the right amount of goodness, it is a product made with hybrid strains. 

The formulas of bliss by dosist are specific, so much so that they allow a precise and controlled dosage.

Bliss achieves precise temperatures that guarantee a fast and accurate draw, while consistency is achieved through optimized controls of temperature, airflow, and time. 

The pen vibrates when you’ve inhaled a full puff so your dose of happiness is easily measurable and consistent.


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Bliss by dosist disposable vaporizer is made from hybrid strains, containing a THC to CBD ratio of 9:1.

Its terpenes include terpinolene known for its sedative properties, making it a valuable weapon against insomnia and even anxiety, and beta-caryophyllene, characterized as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-fungal, antiseptic, and antibacterial agent.

THC, included in bliss vape, is a cannabinoid that generates psychoactive effects. However, it is also known for its medical properties, including being an effective analgesic. 

CBD, on the other hand, is a cannabis compound known for its various medicinal benefits.

This mixture of cannabinoids and terpenes gives bliss a unique and delicious flower taste, which its consumers love.


Bliss works through dose control technology, which allows you to have a controlled, familiar and predictable high. Bliss is available in a 200 dose/500 mg capsule formula and a 100 dose/250 mg pen. 

Through its unique technology, it allows users to have greater control and clarity over the amounts they consume, obtaining a consistent dose every time. 

In both product presentations, the patented technology controls airflow and heating so you get the same 2.25 mg dose with every puff. Dosist recommends experienced users to consume three doses of the product in the range of one hour to get its effects. 

Usually only 1 or 2 hits are enough to feel an impact without being overwhelming, enjoying the effects without becoming too much. The built-in battery reaches perfect to consume the whole product.


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As the name implies, users love the feeling of bliss this product gives them.

It is usually associated with a general sense of well-being, good mood, and connection to life’s moments. According to dosist, this product is good for mood elevation, lightness, and energy. 

The combination of cannabinoids works perfectly with the endocannabinoid system giving you just the right amount that gives you a generalized sense of well-being. 

How To Use

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This product has a dosing technology that makes it very easy to use and to keep control of the doses ingested. This technology measures a full dose of 2.25 mg after three seconds. 

To use it you must inhale normally and constantly, then the vaporizer will deliver 2.25 mg of the product and will automatically turn off after 3 seconds. It will then alert you with a slight vibration after which the dosing pen technology will automatically shut off. 

To use it you should inhale regularly and not too strongly or aggressively.

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