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Dr. Dabber SWITCH Review from a True Cannabis Snob

It seems like everyone is talking about the Dr. Dabber SWITCH. Read more to find out what makes this vaporizer so unique. Created with Dr. Dabber.

It seems like everyone is talking about the Dr. Dabber SWITCH. The SWITCH is the most recent desktop vape from Dr. Dabber, and, boy, is it an impressive piece of engineering. Vaporizers today are more high-tech than they’ve ever been before. But, while more vapes than ever are app-integrated and feature smart capabilities, I’ve never seen anything quite like the SWITCH. Here’s why.

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Dr. Dabber SWITCH Review

The top-selling features for the SWITCH might be its versatility or its unique induction-heating capabilities or its ability to preserve the flavor of your favorite flower or oil. But, in my opinion, all of these factors are just icing on the cake. To me, what makes the SWITCH so remarkable is its intelligence. 

Sure, you can use the SWITCH simply to inhale some top-shelf flower, but the device can really do so much more than that. It’s customizable in almost every way, from the light show that displays when you turn on the device (made even better by the Limited Edition SWITCH: Clear Edition) to changing the heat hold times to perfectly match your inhalation style —it seems like you can do almost anything with this vaporizer. 

Easy to Use, After A Little Learning

Getting to know any new vaporizer can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re used to a water pipe or an oil rig. Fortunately, the SWITCH is relatively easy to operate. The SWITCH communicates with color. To perhaps oversimplify: red means heating, green means go, and the colors in between let you know that your SWITCH is standing by. 

I would definitely recommend thumbing through the manual before testing out your SWITCH. Different colors correspond to different meanings with this device, so there’s a minor learning curve when it comes to understanding the lingo. This device also offers a surprising number of advanced features, so it can do a lot more than you think it can. 

For example, the SWITCH features a total of 25 different customizable temperature settings on top of its pre-settings. If you consider yourself a cannabis nerd, this is very exciting. You can literally program the SWITCH to perform exactly how you want it to. In order to make the most of all of these features, however, you’ll want to read up or watch some of Dr. Dabber’s excellent videos on how to use the machine. All in all, the SWITCH is easy to use, but it definitely takes some time to learn and test all of its unique features. 

Incredibly Versatile

In my opinion, the one feature that is the most impressive about the Dr. Dabber SWITCH is its versatility. Not only does the SWITCH work for both concentrates and flower alike, but its induction heating mechanism offers massive temperature ranges, so consumers can choose their level of intensity. 

Lower temperatures tend to be less intense and more like traditional vaporization. Higher temperatures tended to produce very strong clouds and much more impactful cannabis experience. (Truth be told, all I needed was a small dollop of top-shelf concentrate on the highest setting to feel like I got my money’s worth.) It was fast, too; the SWITCH heats up in five seconds or less.

The Flower Experience

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As a Seattle local, I was very excited to break in the SWITCH with a sample of Flor Fina’s Dream Sickle. The flower was beautiful—their lush sage-green color nicely complemented by a lightly sweet aroma with hints of grass and weathered oak. I tested small pinches of flower on various temperature settings, noting the overall flavor, the robustness of the experience, and checking for any char on the flower. 

I found that the lowest temperature settings provide a classic vaporization experience (standard, not advanced). I tried the lower temperatures with the Ceramic Flower Filter. The Flower Filter is a ceramic piece that fits over the Flower Induction Cup. The filter acts like a lid that creates an oven-like effect that supports low-temperature vaporization. 

In my experience, the strongest flavor was definitely on the lowest and second-lowest settings. The cannabis flower featured a strong herbal taste with a little toastiness, a unique flavor that is impossible to experience via smoking. I took a peek at the flower after a pull or two; the color was a nice evenly toasted brown. 

The experience definitely changed with higher temperatures, however. At the highest pre-programmed temperature setting, the SWITCH produced a very robust cloud and a potent experience. After peeking at the flower, there was some char on the plant material, although the charring was pretty even overall.

The Concentrate Experience

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It’s no surprise—Dr. Dabber is the company you want to go to if you’re a fan of cannabis concentrates. In my opinion, this is where the SWITCH’s versatility really shines. The SWITCH is capable of heating to very high temperatures, but it can also heat things gently with either the lowest pre-programmed temperature settings and via adjustable temperature controls. 

To me, this is excellent; the lower settings offer gentle vaporization while the higher settings make the SWITCH one of the most high-tech dabbing devices on the market. I tested out the SWITCH with some Legends of Nigeria Gems & Juice from Dabstract. The concentrate featured a delicate yet striking floral aroma, with a touch of crispness and fuel. I picked this concentrate because I was curious about how the SWITCH would handle the terp juice included in the concentrate.

At the lowest setting, I could smell strong herbal aroma in the back of my nose, as well as a gentle tingling. It took higher heat settings, however, for a more notable vapor cloud to appear. At a higher setting, I felt that the cloud produced was enough to rival a strong pull on a conventional dab rig. Although, at that point, it was difficult to concentrate on flavor because the overall experience was so potent. 

Bottom line? If you’re hoping to preserve flavor and get a more classic vape experience, keep temperatures low. If dabbing is more your style, crank it on up! 

Bonus: was thrilled to find that a carb cap was not only included in the SWITCH but is also critical for using the SWITCH properly. The carb cap locks in the temperature and allows both concentrates and flower to heat properly, creating an oven effect. Double bonus: The SWITCH carb cap also acts as a loading tool. 

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