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Dreamt Sleep Pen Review: A Bedside Table Treat

This vape pen is designed to keep users reeled into a restful sleep, a delicate blend of ingredients that are subtle and deep.

Photo courtesy of Dreamt

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Sleepless nights can really grind you down, leaving you willing to try any solution to insomnia and tiredness.

Well, here’s another remedy you could give a shot to the Dreamt Sleep Pen combines the soothing properties of THC and CBD and blends them with melatonin, valerian, and terpenes that enhance REM sleep and reduce morning fogginess.

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45-Night Sleep Pen

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About Dreamt

Photo courtesy of Dreamt

Owned by Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, a cannabis scientist and product developer that has experienced sleeplessness in the flesh, this LA-based company is entirely devoted to the pursuit of restful nights.

Their singular focus earned them the recognition of several notable publications. Still, indeed, it’s their customer’s recognition which interests them, so our advice would be to give them a try and see for yourself if they’re suitable for your specific sleep deprivation issues.

Dreamt also benefits from the scientific leadership of Dr. Jannise Babush, a doctor of inorganic chemistry with extensive experience in biotechnology and clinical trials.

The company aspires to be rigorous with its products’ chemical safety and efficacy, appealing to scientific standards on their formula and product design.

Dreamt Vape Pen Dosage

Each vape pen sold by Dreamt claims to contain 45-nights of restful sleep, but this, of course, will vary according to your intake habits and tolerance.

Weighing in at 0.4 grams, there’s certainly enough here to get you through many long nights, especially considering the effectiveness of their proprietary formula.

They contain 5 mg of THC and 2 mg of CBD per dose, and the two compounds balance each other off beautifully, letting mind and body float simultaneously. A drag of these will have you feeling its full effects within 15 to 30 minutes, delivering relief on a tight schedule.

The complementary ingredients in the recipe include melatonin, valerian root, and terpenes, all components that stimulate REM sleep as the cannabinoids fade and help mitigate fogginess in the morning.

Dreamt Vape Pen Price

Photo courtesy of Dreamt

At $45 each, this pen is no bargain. However, its scientifically-backed recipe and singular blend of ingredients make them a godsend to help deal with the debilitating ailment of sleeplessness.

It isn’t easy to price that relief accurately, so don’t let it drive you away if you’re looking for solutions for it.

On the other hand, if you’re an avid cannabis consumer and have built up tolerance during the years, the price tag can hardly be justified unless you’re just curious to feel its particular effect.

Final Thoughts

There’s a beautiful product in Dreamt’s Sleep Pen. As an ailment to a condition, its worth cannot be underestimated. Their rigorousness and innovation have been noted. This is one of the most effective and available cannabis sleep products out there.

Even with the steep price tag, the product will find its niche among sufferers of sleep deprivation to whom it may be a godsend.

October 13, 2021
Written by Pedro Bernal
CBDreviewssleepTHCvape pens
October 13, 2021
Written by Pedro Bernal
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