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Learn | 11.22.2022

Elevate Your Vaping Game With AirVape’s Discreet & Portable Devices

Everyone deserves a product that matches their lifestyle. Find it at AirVape.

Smoking weed isn’t as simple as it once was. Although we have fond memories of hanging out with friends and passing around a joint, many of us simply don’t have time for that anymore.

Whether it’s work, family, or other responsibilities keeping you busy, everyone still deserves to experience the benefits of cannabis, at home or on the go.

That’s why AirVape set out to create devices that not only benefit the busy user, but raise the bar for what a vaporizer can be. AirVape earned its reputation by creating products that match different lifestyles, whether you’re looking for something more discreet or time isn’t on your side.

All devices from AirVape are the perfect mix of advanced:

  • Technology
  • Performance
  • Design

When you’re ready to elevate your vaping game, there’s only one brand helping you do so. See some of AirVape’s popular and game-changing products below.

Vape Like A Pro

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AirVape launched its AirVape Legacy and introduced a new kind of vape innovation to the market. After launching it, AirVape gathered a new engineer and design team to spend two years perfecting each and every detail.

This led to the carefully curated and renowned AirVape Legacy Pro, made for dry flower and oil concentrates. It’s unlike any other rechargeable and personal vaporizer you’ve seen before, thanks to some key updates any vaper will appreciate.

Updated, Super-Fast Heating: The AirVape Legacy PRO uses hybrid heating technology for optimal flavor and performance.

Leading Materials: This state-of-the-art vaporizer houses materials like hemp-based textile, vegan leather, black ceramic, 24k gold plating, and glass.

Easy Cleaning & Packing: The Legacy PRO contains a funnel around the chamber for easy packing and cleaning while lacking unnecessary tiny parts.

The AirVape Legacy PRO heats up within 15 seconds and vibrates once it’s ready to use. Its temperature ranges from 212F to 464F, and also contains a gold-plated heating chamber and gold-plated microdosing disk.

For Stoners On-The-Go

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As mentioned, you need a product that fits your lifestyle.

If you’re a rather busy person and don’t usually have time to sit down and smoke a peaceful joint to yourself, pack your flower or oil concentrate into the renowned AirVape X, an excellent option for users wanting portability and discretion.

It’s the perfect-sized portable vape with a sleek oval-shaped ceramic chamber. The lower compartment accumulates hot air for even heating while ensuring a smooth hit. It also has a vibrating functionality that notifies you when it’s ready for use and a 1.3-inch display for:

  • Battery level
  • Temperature display
  • Automatic shutoff time adjustment

Discreet, portable, functional, dual-use, and innovative, what more could you ask for in a high-quality vape?

Discretion & Portability x10

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Have you ever wanted a vape that was small enough to fit on your keychain? Of course, AirVape has your back.

Meet its popular AirVape OM, a small yet powerful keychain vaporizer that will do your flower and concentrate justice. Its size does not compromise its power, as this vape contains a powerful battery for extended use and three changeable voltage settings.

If that’s still too small for your liking, opt for a happy medium with the AirVape XS GO.

It’s smaller than the AirVape X, but boasts an ergonomic design with a comfort grip for easy handling. It uses a combination of conduction and convection technology to ensure your product is heated evenly.

With 5 temperature options and a 20-second heat-up time, you have everything you need and more to bring out the best in your flower or concentrate.

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