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Emerald Sky Gummies Review: Flavorful, Colorful & Powerful

These California gummies excel as candy, their taste is nearly unmatched in the segment and their generous dosage makes them mighty fine infused edibles.

Weed edibles are not only delicious but also incredibly discrete. They are highly popular as they are the best alternative for getting buzzed without smoking.

One of the brands that have mastered the art of weed edibles is Emerald Sky. Right from California’s Bay Area, this brand that started with weed licorice now has the most diverse portfolio of cannabis edibles in the Golden State.

Their line of cannabis-infused gummies is one of their best-sellers and a fan favorite of edible enthusiasts across the state. Let’s see what they are all about.

About Emerald Sky

Photo courtesy of Emerald Sky

Founded by candy confectionery veteran Josh Taylor, Emerald Sky is a company bent on providing natural sweetness paired with a reliable dosage of THC. Taylor started the company out of his home kitchen in San Francisco in 2018, where he invented the first infused licorice ever, but by then, he was already an expert candymaker.

Back in 1993, this was the man who created the first-ever made-in-America organic chocolate bars!

Since the birth of Emerald Sky, their lineup of edibles has been steadily growing, establishing one of the most complete catalogs in California and still operating out of the Bay Area.

Count on them for potent and delicious infused licorice, peanut butter cups, cream-filled cookies, and of course, gummies, which we will cover in this review.


In each pack of 10, you will find individually wrapped gummies containing 10 mg of THC each. If you know your dosages, you will recognize this as a healthy amount, considering most oscillate between 3 mg and 5 mg.

Considering the amount, we recommend you start with half or a single gummy before going any higher. See how that feels and regulate your intake according to your specific preferences and tolerance.

Health Uses

Photo courtesy of Emerald Sky

Each offering on Emerald Sky’s gummies lineup aims to provide a different experience depending on the type of THC with which it’s infused, which means that if you’re looking for relief from a specific ailment you might want to check out the specifics.

Also keep in mind that when it comes to health, both mental and physical, it’s always better to consult your physician before taking up any kind of treatment.

Their Wild Berry gummies, infused with indica THC, should work well to combat symptoms of insomnia and muscular pain, as they relax both mind and body, letting you at ease after a long day of work or strenuous physical and mental exertion.

On the other hand, going for a flavor like their California Orange might be a better fit to tackle symptoms of depression and combat absent-mindedness. The sativa THC with which these gummies are infused works great as a daytime pick-me-up, delivering mild euphoria with clarity of thought.

Sour Watermelon and Apple Pear, both infused with hybrid strains, offer a bit of both worlds, the uplifting qualities of sativa strains and the soothing relaxation of indica strains. We would recommend these to ease anxiety and stress, as well as a supplement for relaxation and leisure.


As we mentioned before, there are four gummy flavors to choose from in Emerald Sky’s catalog. All of them contain the same dosage of 10 mg THC per gummy, but they differ on the type of THC included and the flavoring with which it’s paired. Also bear in mind that these are all made with all-natural and non-GMO ingredients so you can pop them with peace of mind.

Wild Berry

These gummies are packed with indica strains and paired with a sweet berry flavoring. They are somewhat tart and truly display flavor from the whole red berry palate.

The high they provide is substantially corporeal, meaning you will feel it spread through your limbs, leaving behind only distension and relaxation.

Apple Pear

This is a mighty fruit combo; Emerald Sky’s Apple Pear gummies have one of the most refreshing and surprising flavor profiles we have tried in edibles.

These flavorless hybrid gummies offer mental stimulation with a body tingle that performs best in rest and leisure.

California Orange

This is the brightest offering of the bunch, perfect as a morning snack to take on a busy day. These sativa treats offer an uplifting dose of happiness, with surprising clarity and focus to engage in creative and productive tasks.

The flavoring is citrusy sweet orange that is sure to please the tastebuds.

Sour Watermelon

Their newest addition to the line, Emerald Sky’s Sour Watermelon is a tart gummy candy that will spark a joyful mood from your tastebuds to your synapses.

It’s another one packed with hybrid strains, a great one for boosting the mood and easing tension at the end of a long day or to take with friends.

Where To Buy

Using Emerald Sky’s website you can find a certified retailer near you, if you live in California a nearby dispensary surely stocks their products.

However, our choice would be to have them delivered due to the convenience, and for that, the way to go would be Eaze, which stocks an astounding variety of cannabis products including all of Emerald Sky’s gummies.

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