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What Is Craft Cannabis & Where Does It Grow Best? [The Legend Of The Emerald Triangle]

By just hopping online you’ll be able to get high-end weed, grown exclusively in small-batch farms located in the Emerald Triangle at a great price. By buying your cannabis NOW you’ll also get an extra $20 OFF your first purchase without even having to live in California. Created with Flow Kana.

It doesn’t take watching Leo Dicaprio’s 2000 film, The Beach, to dream about a place where you can live on the cheap with a party of people you enjoy life with and get all the high-quality weed you can imagine for a fraction of the price. We’ve all dreamed it, but only some of us are lucky enough to actually live it.


All these fantasies are only that, fantasies unless they have real-life pros & cons. In Leo’s case, it was being hunted by drug dealers looking to kill him and his party of happy-go-lucky friends. A fantasy that ultimately ended in disaster and disappointment.


There are real-life fantasies that don’t have to end up in such tragic circumstances as Richard’s (Leo’s) adventure in The Beach. While I know a few of these paradises, I’ll leave that discussion for a later date and concentrate on only one of them for the time being.

I’m talking about California’s Emerald Triangle.

Sure, right off the bat you might be thinking, “California is not cheap”. And you’re right, it’s not. But remember what I said about real-life pros & cons? The high cost of living just happens to be one of the cons. Fortunately, it’s not one that you can’t bypass in today’s hyper-connected world.

By just hopping online onto cannabis delivery services like Flow Direct you’ll be able to get yourself high-end weed, grown exclusively in small-batch farms located in the Emerald Triangle at a great price. By buying your cannabis from them NOW you’ll also get an extra $20 OFF your first purchase without even having to live in California.

Craft Cannabis

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Craft cannabis is weed grown by experts who use organic, all-natural farming practices. It is produced in small batches and is often very difficult to get a hold of. Unless you’re getting yours from Flow Kana.

Flow Kana Farmer’s Reserve is the cream of the crop when it comes to weed. It takes more care and effort to grow it and even though it costs a little more, its far superior scent, flavor profile, and potency make up for it every bit of the way. 


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Craft cannabis like Farmer’s Reserve carries more trichomes on its nugs, consequently, it also has more cannabinoid content. Allowing this special brand of high-end cannabis to deliver a holistic effect on the body, powered by the synergy between all of the components in the strain. Ultimately delivering a better and more pleasurable high by using a more sustainable growing method.

It is also hand-trimmed, which ensures that all the flower buds packed in the jar by Flow Kana have excellent quality, no overwhelming content of stems, seeds, or weed that’s too dry to enjoy.

What Is the Emerald Triangle & Why Is It Legendary?

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As we mentioned, California is by no means cheap to live in, but it’s also home to a great portion of the toker population. Which is also not a coincidence. Californians have become used to great quality weed because they have the perfect weather and soil for it.

Professional cannabis growers and small-batch farmers have spread far and wide across the Californian landscape because of the land’s natural hospitality towards weed plants. This has also enabled the knowledge of weed growth to brew stronger here than it does in any other part of the world.

In the already huge and still growing legal cannabis market, California is somewhat of a promised land. Not only does the weed there grow better and farmers are experts in what they do, it also seems to be the spearhead of total weed legalization in the United States.

And the diamond that was used to sharpen that spear goes by the name; The Emerald Triangle.

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It is a region located in Northern California known for being the largest cannabis-producing region in the United States. It takes its name from the emerald-like color of weed (or at least that’s what I like to believe) and the upside-down triangular formation of the three counties that make it up; these are the Humboldt, Trinity, and Mendocino counties.

It is also where the cannabis grown to make Flow Kana Farmer’s Reserve enjoys the benefits of the Mediterranean climate; including its perfect rainfall and the incredibly rich soil that make it possible.

Growing cannabis in The Emerald Triangle is considered a way of life by many. A tradition that has characterized the region since the Summer of Love in 1967. Due to the power of the huge industry, many of the inhabitants of the region rely on cannabis as their main source of income, either directly or indirectly.

The Present Of The Emerald Triangle

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The Emerald Triangle, and more specifically the Humboldt and Mendocino counties, are famous for their direct connection to weed farming. The county is known as a farming community and it is estimated that more than 20% of the population there is involved in some way or another with cannabis cultivation.

In an almost paradoxical turn of events, many farmers are not pro-weed legalization because they fear that this will drive the profit of commercial weed down. Not to mention, potentially making the cost of farming rise.


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There are brands like Flow Kana that source legal sungrown flower of exceptional quality by partnering with small-batch, craft cannabis farmers in the area that use organic and sustainable farming practices. They partner with these farmers to give their product exposure to the world through a reliable brand. 

They take all the necessary steps to keep the dream of The Emerald Triangle alive for years to come in a business environment that makes it increasingly difficult for independent farms to survive. With Flow Kana Farmer’s Reserve, you’re not only supporting local farming, but you’re also ensuring that you know exactly where your cannabis comes from; sustainably run small-batch farms.

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