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Eureka Vapor Is Loyal To The Oil

Oils are perhaps some of the purest and most concentrated ways we take advantage of cannabis.

Ever since the discovery of cannabis, weed-lovers have conspired, constructed, and evolved around the ways we use the majestic plant. Oils and distillates have been sources of great favoritism. Many never come back to the ‘’lighter’’ side of the scale, pun intended.

Cannabis oil can be used in many different ways, comes in various other forms and presentations, and is one of the purest and most versatile ways to consume herb. You can find oil in syringes, cartridges, disposables, bottles, and so many others!

One of the most popular ways of getting high with oil is with cartridges, much like those we review in this article. Eureka has been a pioneer in the oil vape industry ever since 2011. Their commitment to purity, producing clean and natural products has been kept accurate.

Why Is Oil Preferred By So Many People?

Photo courtesy of Eureka Vapor

Simply put, and maybe not exclusively, many people prefer oils because of their discretion, reliability, ease of use, and potency. These suckers are easy to dose on, feature most of the popular strains available, and have a consistent, measured dose of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Big picture: oil can be tweaked to the very essence. Imagine harvesting or buying flower and having to doubt the contents and percentages of cannabinoids you’ll be consuming. That’s not the case with vape carts, disposables, or electronic rigs.

When you purchase a Eureka Vapor cart, which comes in indica, Sativa, or hybrid variants, you know that you’re about to consume top-quality oil that has a potency of about 88% THC. Now, imagine you can take that cart and battery along with you on a night out or to a party with no fuss, no mess.

About Eureka Vapor

Photo courtesy of Eureka Vapor

Eureka Vapor was born in 2011 with a mission to bring us better quality products that have the highest production and processing standards. Eureka combines top-shelf flower and vanguard techniques to bring users potent bud or oils.

This brand has been a pioneer and broke ground with innovative research, curation, and production process. Their line includes flower, pre-rolls in a bunch of different presentations, and their whole vapor line that features insane good oil.

Another important point to remember is Eureka’s commitment to using heavy metal-free technology in all of its cartridges. Their complete process is thoroughly monitored and the oil they produce is tested to ensure maximum quality and security.

Eureka Vapor’s cannabis oil is all-natural, pesticide-free, and solvent-free, with no PG, VG, or Vitamin E Acetate added. Their oils are known for capturing your favorite strains’ entire scent, effects, and flavor profiles.

What’s most interesting is how they manage to go through all this process without compromising the potency or integrity of the oil. Their proprietary cannabis oil can be found in all of the Vapor items as well as the Cure Infused Pre-Rolls range.

The Oil Carts for Vape Connoisseurs

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As you’ve probably already gathered, Eureka Vapor is loyal to oil, they produce incredible tasting experiences in the palm of your hand. The 510 compatible cartridges can be used with the Eureka battery mod or your own threaded battery of the same specifications.

The vape cartridges from Eureka contain 500 or 1,000 mg of high-quality distillate in Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains. Either way, you’re in for a treat, whether you prefer buying bulkier carts or going lean, you will enjoy the Eureka ride.

The cartridges include a potent 80-90 percent THC concentration, as well as 90 percent or more total cannabinoids and cannabis-derived terpenes, which give them their distinct flavor and natural healing properties.

Why Choose Eureka Vapor’s Oil

Photo courtesy of Eureka Vapor

If natural, clean, and innovative carts didn’t do it for you, there are a couple more reasons why you should go for Eureka oil. By now I’ve gathered you’re a vape connoisseur that is loyal to oil, and you are for sure going to want to get your hands on the very best.

Eureka Vapor’s production is top-tier, it comes from a long line of knowledge and advancements. In 2011, the creators of Eureka Vapor made the astounding discovery of CO2 extraction, propelling them to the forefront of the modern vape pen market. They have a lot of experience after years of engineering and producing some of the top oils on the market.

If going with the pioneers of the industry still doesn’t get your mind around the fact that Eureka knows oil, maybe trying them out and understanding they’re the tastiest will do it for you.

Eureka’s process guarantees that you are getting the most out of the product. The way they transform a beautiful flower into golden oil is going to allow the user to get the whole taste and aroma, plus the complete set of effects.

The versatility of these oils lets you use them virtually anywhere! Plus, they’re so discreet you won’t have to worry about strong bothersome scents, big clouds of smoke, or carrying a lighter with you at all times. Even though I know you still will.

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