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Learn | 02.01.2022

We Fell In Love With Fat Buddha’s Heart Bong

Looking for a Valentine's Day present? Created with Fat Buddha Glass.

Is love in the air, or is that just the smoke from your bong?

That was a trick question because they are the same, especially if said smoke comes from the Fat Buddha Heart Bong.

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This unique glass piece made by the famous smokeware brand is perhaps one of the cutest bongs you can find nowadays.

It works as a perfect accessory and smoking tool to enhance a romantic evening with its heart-shaped chamber and transparent, colored detailing.

It was love at first sight when we first saw this bong, so we’d like to share with you the qualities and reasons to consider this your new soulmate.

About Fat Buddha Glass

Photo courtesy of Fat Buddha Glass

This brand has its own glass-making branch and distributes other creators that specialize in all the accessories needed for your stoner needs.

They want to establish themselves as a smoking industry titan, and we think they’re on the right path because they are helping more and more glass makers find a spot in the online market for all kinds of pipes and bongs.

Started by two colleagues who wanted to make products that were more accessible to all stoners, they began to build what is now an internationally acclaimed website that distributes all accessories you might need to smoke away in peace.

They want to make these pieces fun, memorable, and most of all, accessible to both those who have more knowledge about cannabis culture and those just starting to look around for alternatives to try.

Fat Buddha breaks down the characteristics of each piece, so buyers are well informed before making their decision, always focusing on helping you make the best choice.


The Heart Bong by Fat Buddha is quite self-explanatory: it is a borosilicate glass bong with a chamber shaped like a cartoon heart that comes in four different colors: clear, pink, blue, or green.

This piece is quite the eyesight with its 9” height, 3.5” downstem, and 14 mm male bowl. If they say love is all you need, then this bong is the exact addition to your home!

Consider it a two-for-one bargain: you get a high-quality glass of “I love you” quite like this bad boy.

Fat Buddha pieces can make anyone fall head over heels, which is why this particular piece is attractive to newcomers looking for their first-time bong and experts that seek something more out of their smoker experience.

How To Use

Photo courtesy of Fat Buddha Glass

The use, whether you’ve prepped and smoked from a bong or not, is much simpler than expected.

The first and foremost thing is that you should make sure your bong is clean before using, so any dust or leftover resin from previous sessions (applicable, of course, only if it’s not your first time using it) may tamper the terpenes and affect the flavor and scent of the smoke.

Wipe it down with a cloth carefully, and then proceed to remove the bowl and downstem and fill the chamber with water through there.

It is essential to do this step like this, it might seem easier to fill it as needed from the upper opening, but the moisture that sticks to the neck will impact the smoke once you go in for a puff, and it won’t be as fulfilling as it should.

Once you’ve added enough water, not too much that when you inhale from the mouth, it brings the water like you’re the thirstiest person in the desert, then you can insert the downstem and bowl back in.

Add your ground herbs to the mouth and burn one side first; see the smoke form and when it’s dense enough, take a deep breath and inhale.

How To Clean

Photo courtesy of Fat Buddha Glass

Think of cleaning this bong how you’d clean the fanciest china in your mother’s home: carefully and delicately because a tiny crack will send the piece to the trash and your person to the morgue.

Well, you might not die from cracking it, but the hole in your heart once you throw away this piece will mourn indeed.

Whatever instruments you use, from cloths to sponges or brushes, might retain some scent because of the leftover resin and ashes, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking about using the same utensils that your roomies use to clean their stuff.

Throw away the ashes of the bowl to the trash can, never down the drain because they can produce cloggs, and wash the bowl piece by piece with slightly warm water and dish soap.

If there’s any residue that’s too stubborn to be scrubbed away, you can also leave them soaking in isopropyl alcohol for a couple of hours before rinsing ad re-scrubbing.

Once it is completely dried, you can re-assemble the bong and put it back in its place.


The pros about this bong are as simple as my love for you (aw, we got romantic there!).

The truth is, its strength lies more in its appearance than uses because as far as what it does, well, it’s a bong just like any other.

But just as there are as many fish in the sea as bongs in the market, we choose this particular one because its sleek and cute design makes it a one-of-a-kind addition.

It makes our life better to know we have something that doubles in utility as it does in beauty because there is no other bong like the Fat Buddha Heart Bong.


The cons are that the highest competitive trait is just its appearance.

This is not about them, and it’s actually about you. When you just don’t feel yourself clicking with this piece, then there’s no point in wasting your time.

It’s not that the bong is bad or insufficient; it just isn’t the right fit for you, and you might be in a different place in life, and that’s ok.

Someone else will appreciate the bong for all the beautiful things it has to offer, but for now, we think it’s best if we part our separate ways.


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So, we’ve broken down the characteristics of the Fat Buddha Heart Bong almost as detailed as your profile on a dating app.

Whether you swipe right or left is up to you, but who knows, maybe if you give it a chance you’ll find yourself with the perfect match.

And what’s best is that the worst-case scenario is still ideal, because either way you get the euphoria en relaxation that burning and smoking cannabis gives. That is really, a match made in heaven.

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