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Learn | 04.01.2022

Flower Mill: How A Quality Grinder Will Help Save Your Weed

Having a durable, high-quality, and practical grinder is an obvious staple in any stoner’s stash.

With so many different grinder options available across the market, it can be difficult to find the right one. Making sure your grinder is worth it comes down to its quality and durability, so here’s how and why you should invest a day’s pay in something you can rely on.

This innovative grinder or should we say, mill, from Flower Mill, is a staple every stoner should own.

King of Grinders: Flower Mill

Photo courtesy of Flower Mill USA

When people come together to solve the world’s problems, good things are bound to happen. Such is the case with Flower Mill, the brand that creates iconic and intuitive grinders that are built to last. With a team of engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, and innovators at the helm, it’s no surprise that these rank way up there when it comes to picking out the perfect grinding accessory.

We’ve got to give props to our favorite: The Premium Edition Flower Mill.

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Technically, it isn’t a grinder, but something better. The Premium Edition Flower Mill is a mill like the name suggests. Instead of grinding up herb using the a twisty, toothy contraption, it mills it through a screen to produce more even and fluffier ground up weed and kief.

Crafted out of food-grade stainless steel on the inside and aircraft-grade aluminum on the outside, it’s a given that this mill will last a long time. Plus, clean-up is made easy because it can simply be disassembled and put back together with magnetic closure.

Photo courtesy of Flower Mill

Why Do You Need a Quality Grinder?

Having a high-quality grinder or mill is essential for anyone who smokes often (or not often but wants it to last). It might be an investment, but a good grinder doesn’t have to break the bank. Paying a little more for something that lasts longer, gives you a higher quality ground flower, and is easy to use is well worth it.

First off, plastic or low-quality grinders won’t last long, and many get plugged up after a few uses. You need reliability – something that will always be there when you need it and won’t leave you hanging. A cute little $7 grinder might get you out of a tight spot when other options run out, but we sustain that it’s worth buying something higher quality and more reliable.

How It Will Help Save Your Weed

Photo courtesy of Flower Mill USA

With a quality grinder that keeps the true integrity of your flower intact, you’ll be able to make the most out of every tiny piece. The fact that higher-end grinders and mills can grind more finely and preserve every last sprinkle of kief won’t just make your sessions more enjoyable but also make your stash last longer.

Why Perfectly Ground Weed Is Important For Your Sesh

A quality grinder elevates the whole smoking experience. The finer the weed is ground, the more potent it will be. The better the grinder, the finer it will grind. Makes sense, right? A good grinder will produce smoother and tastier ground-up herb that makes every session more enjoyable.

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