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Learn | 04.28.2023

Grassdoor’s Delivery Brings You Fast Access To California’s Most Popular Brands And Products

Browse their impressive catalog and get your goods delivered straight to your door.

California has no shortage of dispensaries. There are hundreds, if not thousands of brands and products available to try. Although, finding time to stop by the dispensary can be a hassle.

Why not get your weed delivered straight to your door? Better yet, through an online delivery service with a curated menu of California’s leading brands and products? Meet Grassdoor, California’s fastest and most reliable weed delivery service.

Not only has Grassdoor’s services made cannabis history in California, but the brand continues satisfying consumers throughout the state with access to reputable products and brands in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Read on to learn more about Grassdoor and their carefully curated menu.

About Grassdoor

Grassdoor’s founder Zack Ein was on a mission to help all consumers easily access high-quality cannabis products. In 2017, Ein began merging his career’s worth of tech-platform knowledge with his deep understanding of cannabis retail.

This thought process led to the realization that cannabis delivery in California had not yet existed in a safe, legal, and efficient way. After building their tech infrastructure, gathering a set of delivery vehicles, and obtaining their retail license, Grassdoor was born, and they changed cannabis history in California as we know it. Grassdoor’s launch in August 2019 marked the first flower-touching delivery service.

Today, Grassdoor continues delivering premium cannabis products to the doors of consumers out of their undying love for cannabis, consuming it, and sharing it with the community. They’re set on their mission to be California’s safest, most affordable, and fastest delivery service. Next time you’re looking to re-up your stash, do it from the comfort of your own home.

A Carefully Curated Menu

Grassdoor ensures their team of flower experts only select the cream of the crop. They do so by partnering with the best retailers working with the most reputable cannabis cultivators and manufacturers.

Grassdoor also holds a partnership with over 50 Californian farms to ensure you have access to the newest and most popular cannabis brands and strains. That includes sought-after classics for flower connoisseurs like 14g of Blue Dream from Casacanna, with a THC content of 33.77%.

Not to mention the Jack Herer 1g Premium Vape Pod from Left Coast Extracts, satisfying high-THC lovers with a whopping 94% THC. Grassdoor doesn’t just offer goods for connoisseurs and seasoned users but also more mellow doses like Pabst’s PBR High Seltzer Midnight Berries with 10mg THC, 2mg CBD, and 3mg CBN per can.

Whether you’re a flower fan, a pre-roll puffer, an edibles enthusiast, or a daily dabber, Grassdoor has you covered. Order your favorite products or try new ones, and get them delivered to your door in 60 minutes by selecting ASAP, or plan your delivery for same-day or next-day with Grassdoor’s Scheduled Menu.

For more products and information about Grassdoor, visit their website at

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