Herbworthy | 10.04.2023

Herbworthy: Awaken Your Senses With Lemon Sherbet CannaBitters From Consider It Flowers

CannaBitters? The magic of THC and the essence of authentic cannabis flower strains in an innovative beverage format.

Consider It Flowers is a brand that has been revolutionizing the way we experience the effects of cannabis. 

Their newest product, Lemon Sherbet CannaBitters, not only offers a unique experience, but has also earned a perfect 5 out of 5 rating on Herbworthy’s scorecard. Yes, we jumped the gun, but this product has blown our minds.

CannaBitters is about to revolutionize the cannabis beverage market with its innovative approach to delivering an authentic cannabis experience. This product, which contains federally legal THC, utilizes the power of Real Strain FX™, a term trademarked by Consider It Flowers for products made with terpenes extracted from real cannabis flower strains. 

Join us as we explore what makes Lemon Sherbet CannaBitters noteworthy in the cannabis industry and why it deserves the Herbworthy certification.

About The Lemon Sherbet Cannabitters By Consider It Flowers

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Consider It Flowers is an innovative brand that has taken the cannabis experience to a new level. Their newest product, Lemon Sherbet CannaBitters, is a true masterpiece that has won over cannabis enthusiasts and those looking for an alternative to smoking. 

Unlike generic edibles that offer general effects, CannaBitters accurately replicate the specific effects of various cannabis strains, giving consumers a whole new level of choice and control.

These CannaBitters replicate the effects of smoking cannabis flowers, but in a drink format, meaning you can enjoy an immediate and scalable high anytime, anywhere.

How do they do it? The magic behind CannaBitters lies in the use of specific terpenes from different cannabis strains in their preparation. Simply add a full 1ml dropper to your glass of water or any beverage, and you will feel the true effect of the strain.

In fact, a full 1ml dropper of CannaBitters is equivalent to the potency of smoking a full bowl of flower.

What further distinguishes these CannaBitters is that they are made in small batches, and each batch is produced with terpenes from a specific cannabis strain. This means that, even for connoisseurs, Lemon Sherbet Cannabitters offers a unique opportunity to explore the diverse effects of the Lemon Sherbet strain, all without having to smoke.

Is The Lemon Sherbet CannaBitters Herbworthy Certified?

What makes the Lemon Sherbet CannaBitters worthy of Herbworthy certification? This certification is based on four key criteria: taste, ingredients, safety, and effectiveness.

Let’s breakdown how Lemon Sherbet CannaBitters excels in each of these aspects:

Flavor: Lemon Sherbet CannaBitters have a sour citrus flavor, thanks to their terpene profile that includes caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. This unique combination of flavors makes every sip a refreshing, citrusy experience.

While the Lemon Sherbet strain has citrus and sour notes that are delicious, in general CannaBitters have a touch of subtle bitterness that exquisitely enhance the flavor of your beverage.

Its versatility is amazing for any beverage. Its bitter flavor helps elevate your drink creations whether in cocktails, mocktails, or even mixed with water or sparkling water. 

Ingredients: These CannaBitters are made with THC and terpenes extracted from the premium Lemon Sherbet flower, ensuring superior quality and consistent results.

Plus, with zero calories and zero sugars, you can indulge without worry.

Safety: Consider It Flowers takes safety seriously. Each batch of Lemon Sherbet CannaBitters is carefully produced and thoroughly tested, ensuring that no microbials, elemental impurities, mycotoxins, or pesticides are present. In addition, the product meets legal THC standards, with less than 0.3%, making it safe and legal.

This ensures that every product that reaches your hands meets the highest standards of safety and purity, providing you with a reliable and worry-free experience.

Effectiveness: One full 1ml dropper of Lemon Sherbet CannaBitters in your drink is all you need to feel the real effects of the strain. It’s a quick and effective way to experience the buzz of cannabis without having to smoke.

On Herbworthy’s scoreboard, Lemon Sherbet CannaBitters has earned a perfect score of 5 out of 5, highlighting its excellence in each of these aspects. It’s a guarantee of quality that very few cannabis products can match.

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