Herbworthy | 02.03.2023

Herbworthy: Cycling Frog’s Wild Cherry THC Seltzer

A social hangover-free beverage with a THC and CBD twist.

Hangovers suck. The one thing you can count on with booze is ruining the following day. Luckily, our cannabis community knows exactly how to beat hangovers while feeding off a different kind of liquid courage.

THC and CBD can do you wonders in social settings if taken at the correct doses. This cannabinoid mix produces the sweet entourage effect, helping your high feel more well-rounded and complete.

Luckily, there are thousands of cannabis beverages on the market that let you sip with confidence, knowing damn well you won’t be leaning over the toilet the following morning. The only issue is finding a beverage that works for you.

Today, we’re discussing Cycling Frog‘s Wild Cherry THC Seltzer. Is it Herbworthy Certified? Read on to find out.

About Cycling Frog's Wild Cherry THC Seltzer

If you’re like me and enjoy anything cherry-flavored, Cycling Frog‘s Wild Cherry THC Seltzer is for you.

Besides its natural and mouthwatering flavor, this hard seltzer is the perfect alternative to booze, containing 5mg Delta 9 THC and 10mg CBD per can. This precise dose ensures you’ll have a great time, no matter where you are. It was designed to help you laugh, unwind, and have fun.

The six-pack contains 30mg Delta 9 THC and 60mg CBD per pack, and each beverage is only 50 calories per can. Plus, the ingredients list is as clean as it gets. This could very well be the purest cannabis beverage on the market.

See below for more facts about Cycling Frog‘s Wild Cherry THC Seltzer:

  • Made with all-natural fruit juice
  • No artificial flavors or coloring
  • Made with 100% hemp extract
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Full Spectrum (say hello to the entourage effect)

Is Cycling Frog's THC Seltzer Herbworthy Certified?

Unlike other hard seltzers, this one is worth drinking. Why? The delicious and natural flavors paired with the chill effects make this beverage one of our favorites. That’s why we’re giving it an official Herbworthy rating of 5.

For more information on how we rate products, check out our Herbworthy Scorecard. We rate edibles like beverages based on four main factors:

  • Flavor
  • Ingredients
  • Safety
  • Effectiveness

If Wild Cherry isn’t your vibe, browse other options like Black Currant and Ruby Grapefruit. I must say, though, the Wild Cherry flavor is perfectly sweet and tart, caressing the palette with natural notes of rich fruit.

The ingredients within Cycling Frog‘s THC Seltzers are quite surprising. Unlike the competition, you can actually pronounce every ingredient and be confident in knowing what they are.

With such clean ingredients and precise THC and CBD doses, this seltzer is incredibly safe to consume, won’t leave you with a hangover, and will leave you reaching for more. It’s an effective beverage that’s perfect for any time, any place.

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