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Herbworthy | 04.09.2023

Herbworthy: Embarc Spacex OG Flower

Experience the otherworldly high of Embarc's SpaceX OG flower: A Herbworthy review

Embarc is a unique cannabis dispensary brand with locations throughout California.

Embarc prides itself on offering the best cannabis products at fair prices while being community focused and socially responsible. The brand has a solid reputation for offering a five-star customer experience and for stocking the best cannabis products you can find on the market.

At Embarc dispensaries you can find hundreds of products from different highly reputable brands in the cannabis industry, making it a reliable place to explore and learn about products full of quality and effects.

One of the products that have caught our attention is the alliance between Embarc x Traditional, where they join efforts and knowledge to launch an indica flower full of flavor and potency.

Learn more about Embarc’s SpaceX OG Flower below and whether or not it’s Herbworthy certified.

About Embarc Spacex OG Flower

Photo courtesy of Embarc

One of the unique aspects of Embarc is its commitment to giving back to the communities in which it operates. The brand donates 1% of all sales to a local community investment fund run by a community advisory board. This ensures that the communities that support Embarc benefit the most, and when customers shop at Embarc, they directly benefit their own community.

Embarc is also committed to equality and inclusion in the cannabis industry. The brand prioritizes locally grown, BIPOC, women, LGBTQIA+, and social equity brands. By leveraging its platform to amplify these voices, Embarc helps ensure that the cannabis ecosystem remains diverse and open.

Overall, Embarc is a brand that is committed to offering the best cannabis products while being socially responsible, community-focused, and inclusive.

Now, let’s focus on the product we’re here for. Embarc x Traditional SpaceX OG strain is a truly phenomenal product for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a potent, high-quality experience.

With a THC content of 28%, this strain is not for the faint of heart and is sure to deliver a potent and intense high.

What sets SpaceX OG apart is its unique flavor profile that combines the citrus notes of lemon with the distinct aroma of gasoline. This unusual combination creates a flavor that is both refreshing and bold, making it a delicious choice for those who enjoy complex and nuanced flavors.

In addition, SpaceX OG’s high is equally impressive, offering a strong body sensation that is complemented by a head high. This balanced effect is perfect for those looking to unwind after a long day or simply relax and let go of stress.

Is Embarc SpaceX OG Flower Herbworthy Certified?

Photo courtesy of Embarc

Overall, SpaceX OG by Embarc x Traditional is an outstanding product that embodies the best of Californian cannabis. Its potency, flavor, and unique high make it a truly phenomenal choice for those looking for a top-notch experience.

With incredible flavor and effects that exceeded our expectations, Spacex OG by Embarc earns an official Herbworthy score of 5.

For more information on how we score products, check out our Herbworthy Scorecard. We rate flowers based on four main factors:

  • Smell

  • Flavor

  • Appearance

  • Experience

On each of these factors, Embarc’s Spacex OG more than dominated the evaluation.

The overall taste and smell of the flower are potent, which we know is not for everyone but we loved the combination of gasoline-soaked lemon and citrus undertones, pine, and a sweet kush finish that enhanced the experience to the senses.

As for the appearance, there is not much to say, beautifully formed buds full of resin and trichomes.

Now, when it came to evaluating the overall experience, we were met with a balanced but powerful high, which revolutionized us both physically and mentally, but in a way that we enjoyed quite a bit.

Undoubtedly, we end up flying among cosmic clouds on an uplifting journey with this amazing flower

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