Herbworthy | 04.09.2023

Herbworthy: Highly Curated Candles

Elevate your celebrations with Highly Curated Candles themed candles.

Gone are the days when weed was something to hide; now, we are proud to belong to the cannabis community, and what better than a celebration for it? We are not just talking about the 4/20 that is just around the corner.

We are talking about a brand that is at the forefront of this new wave, and that is Highly Curated Candles, a brand that offers absolutely spectacular candles that elevate any celebration or space to new levels.

Highly Curated Candles offers a wide range of themed candles to elevate your celebrations and interior decorating with style.

About Highly Curated Candles

Photo courtesy of Highly Curated Candles

Highly Curated Candles is a women-led brand based in Los Angeles.

They launched because of their burning love for a plant and a good party, and it’s honestly a brand motto we can resonate with.

The brand combines their love of cannabis with their admiration for good times by providing cannabis-themed candles for events or home decor. All of their products are made in small batches and hand-poured with natural ingredients.

The team behind the brand has decades of experience in the cannabis industry and set out to create something original and unique that promotes fun and inclusivity.

It all started in 2019 with their Party Paraphernalia Blunt Candle, which was the world’s first joint cake candle. Since then, the line has continued to grow with joint candles, tea lights, and sculpted and fragranced candles in vintage containers.

Are Highly Curated Candles Herbworthy Certified?

The 420 Novelty Joint and Pot Leaf Candles are absolutely amazing. They are available in various shades, such as green, yellow, orange, blue, purple, etc. Our favorite? The iconic green flower with a white joint, nothing says you love weed more than this.

If you want to take your next celebration up a notch, Highly Curated Candles’ novelty 420 adult candles in the shape of a joint and marijuana leaf are the way to go.

With a fun, novelty design, made with natural ingredients that care for the environment without compromising on quality, Highly Curated Candles deserve nothing less than an official Herbworthy score of 5.

For more information on how we score products, please see our Herbworthy Scorecard. These accessories are scored according to our guide, taking into account factors such as:

  • Innovation

  • Ease of Use

  • Relevance

  • Effectiveness

420 Novelty Joint and Pot Leaf candles are hand-poured and hand-painted in Los Angeles, California, made with soy wax and hemp wick for an all-natural burn.

These candles burn cleanly with low-temperature flames, thanks to the hemp wick. Each package includes two novelty joint-shaped candles and two green grass leaf-shaped candles, making them the perfect addition to any cannabis-themed party or as a gift for the cannabis enthusiast in your life.

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