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Herbworthy | 08.04.2022

Herbworthy: Pure Beauty’s Little Strong Drink

Pure Beauty's beverage may be little, but it's strong.

We all deserve beverages that get us high.

Experienced users desire the effects of THC and are often disappointed when most cannabis beverages have about 10mg of THC per bottle.

There’s nothing wrong with these small doses, but many of us know that getting high with these beverages means you’ll have to chug down a few bottles.

Finally, one beverage on the legal market won’t just get us high but provides us with borderline psychedelic experiences thanks to its wicked THC content.

Enter the Little Strong Drink by Pure Beauty, an absolute gem in a market saturated with low-dose beverages. Now, it’s up to us to see if this Little Strong Drink is Herbworthy certified.

About Pure Beauty's Little Strong Drink

Can you believe Pure Beauty managed to squeeze a whopping 100mg of THC inside a dainty 2oz bottle?

If you’re worried that the potency will compromise the flavor, you’re wrong. The beverage is infused with live resin, an extract that offers the most true-to-plant experience through aromatic and flavorful terpenes.

It contains none of the following;

  • Artificial colors
  • Artificial flavors
  • Preservatives
  • Added sweeteners
  • Added sugar

Besides the strong THC content, the most impressive part about the Little Strong Drink is its natural ingredients, including;

  • Concord grapes are grown in the Yakima Valley, giving the beverage natural sweetness
  • Cardamon
  • Egyptian hibiscus
  • Full spectrum Ashwagandha sustainably grown in Rajasthan, an Indian region famous for its quality Ashwagandha

Finally, Pure Beauty‘s live resin is highly bioavailable, meaning the effects of its Little Strong Drink kick in within 15-60 minutes. Because it’s a very strong beverage, beginners should proceed with caution.

It’s a versatile drink that can be taken alone, over ice, or diluted with soda water or other beverages. Whether you want to make a punch bowl or keep it for yourself, any seasoned user will appreciate the powerful nature of this Little Strong Drink.

Is Pure Beauty's Little Strong Drink Herbworthy Certified?

Consumers have patiently waited for a beverage that puts them on their asses. With Pure Beauty‘s Little Strong Drink, we’ve finally found it.

For that reason, we’re giving the Little Strong Drink a rating of five and the official Herbworthy Badge. For a rundown on how we rate products, check out our Herbworthy Scorecard.

We rate edibles and beverages based on four main factors;

  • Flavor
  • Ingredients
  • Safety
  • Effectiveness

The flavors within Pure Beauty‘s Little Strong Drink are vibrant and luxurious, offering a fruity hibiscus experience thanks to the natural ingredients.

That brings us to our second point; you simply won’t find another cannabis beverage with such unique, beneficial, and high-end ingredients. Pure Beauty knows its way around everything pure and beautiful, which reflects in its Little Strong Drink.

Because it’s a potent beverage, it may not be the safest idea for beginner consumers. On the other hand, seasoned users will have no problem with the strong effects produced by this sweet and dainty beverage.

Finally, Pure Beauty‘s Little Strong Drink is wildly effective. It kicks in within 15-60 minutes and offers sensations of euphoric bliss that are unmatched and nearly impossible to find in any other beverage.

For more information about Pure Beauty and its Little Strong Drink, visit its website at

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