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Herbworthy | 02.17.2023

Herbworthy: The Hitoki Saber

Is this portable laser device Herbworthy certified?

This is not a drill. Bong users looking to upgrade their sessions have waited patiently for a device like this. Who knew that replacing lighters with lasers could be so easy? Hitoki did.

Hitoki is the maker of the world’s first laser bong, the Hitoki Trident. Following this cutting-edge device was the Hitoki Saber, the world’s first modular and portable laser consumption device.

Have you ever considered using a laser to fire up your herbs? Well, now you can do it with your favorite glass rig, thanks to this thrilling new device. See below for more information about the Hitoki Saber and if it’s Herbworthy certified.

About The Hitoki Saber

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The Hitoki Saber lets you part ways with butane lighters and stockpiling hemp wicks. It uses the brand’s patent-pending laser system to combust your herb with a precise laser, producing smooth and aromatic vapor with a luxurious, handheld device.

It’s a worthy upgrade for anyone looking to elevate their consumption and ditch butane, which masks the flavor and aromas of your herb with chemicals that should never be inhaled. Pick up the Hitoki Bubbler or upgrade your favorite glass rig with The Saber’s adapter, fitting into any 14mm or 18mm female joint.

The result is the truest expression of your herb with maximum flavor, aroma, and potency. Easy to use and easy to clean, the Hitoki Saber has a one-button function on top, with five clicks to turn the device on and off and three clicks to toggle between the power levels below:

  • Blue: The highest power level, meant for infusing your herb with oils
  • Green: The medium power level, meant for dense and fresh blends
  • Red: The lowest power level, meant for dry blends

When you’re ready to fire the laser, double-tap the button for a straight 10-second beam or hold the button down for a continuous draw. With 60 uses per charge and a 45-minute charge time, Hitoki is bringing the future of cannabis consumption to the present day.

Is The Hitoki Saber Herbworthy Certified?

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If you told me five years ago that laser bongs would be the future of cannabis consumption, I’d laugh in skepticism. But, alas, Hitoki has mastered clean laser combustion in two cutting-edge devices, one that stays put and one that’s ready for adventure whenever you are.

That’s why we’re thrilled to give the Hitoki Saber a rating of 5, an official Herbworthy rating. For more information on how we rate products, check out our Herbworthy Scorecard. We rate devices like the Hitoki Saber based on the following four factors:

  • Innovation
  • Ease Of Use
  • Relevance
  • Effectiveness

The Hitoki Saber is, by far, the most innovative consumption device on the market. It’s a portable laser device, after all, and the first of its kind. Although it might seem intimidating, it’s incredibly easy to use, load, pack, and clean. It’s also safe, considering the laser only fires when the device is locked.

The Hitoki Saber is an ultra-relevant device. Cannabis consumers are constantly looking for new experiences and ways to use the plant without smoke and butane. Luckily, they have an effective, portable, and modular laser device to raise their ritual with pride. Get yours today and experience the world of clean laser combustion.

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