Herbworthy | 07.21.2022

Herbworthy: The HØJ KLIP Grinder

Does HØJ's KLIP Grinder stand out from the competition? Let's find out.

With all aspects of cannabis use, Danish company HØJ invites us to elevate our experience. Whether that’s smoking weed or grinding it, the brand strives to enhance our relationship with the sacred cannabis plant.

In fact, the brand invites you to become a part of the cannabis revolution, which includes reimagining traditional products to bring out the best in our precious potent flower.

It’s doing so by launching innovative goods like the renowned KLIP Grinder. This bad boy costs about four times more than your average grinder would, so we decided to put it to the Herbworthy test.

Keep reading to find out if HØJ’s KLIP Grinder is Herbworthy certified.

About HØJ's KLIP Grinder

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Say goodbye to grinding and hello to slicing. Did you know that traditional grinders unevenly ground your herb, which makes for uneven burns and decreased potencies?

HØJ knew that which is why it invites us to experience the first fundamentally reimagined grinder in 110 years since the initial launch of tobacco grinders.

The KLIP Grinder slices your herb evenly to

  • Make your stash last longer
  • Ensure each toke is evenly burned
  • Preserve the precious and potent trichomes

With each grind with the KLIP Grinder, you’re getting the true intended effects and experience of your favorite strain. The grinder contains a set of custom dual blades to slice through your herb that results in consistently ground plant matter.

The HØJ KLIP Grinder also features;

  • A magnetic design that levitates the angled blades for zero-friction
  • A patent-pending system that lets you turn it in 1-degree increments instead of traditional quarter-turns
  • Dual blades for a fluffy flower and consistent, slow burns
  • A modular design that can be dismantled to wash, clean, and dry

Is The HØJ KLIP Grinder Herbworthy Certified?

Now that we know more about this famous and revolutionary grinder, let’s dive into what we’re all wondering. Is this grinder Herbworthy certified?

It wouldn’t be fair to rate such an innovative take on traditional grinders anything less than 5 stars. In fact, we’re happy to give HØJ’s KLIP Grinder the Herbworthy Badge, our official stamp of approval.

To see how we rate products, check out our Herbworthy Scorecard. When it comes to accessories like grinders, we rate these products based on four main factors;

  • Innovation
  • Ease of Use
  • Relevance
  • Effectiveness

There’s no denying that HØJ’s KLIP Grinder is innovative. It’s a revolutionary product that reimages the traditional grinder that hasn’t been changed for over a century.

Using it is incredibly easy. A lot easier than straining yourself while aggressively grinding your weed with a sticky, squeaky, and old grinder. The KLIP’s dual blades do all the work for you almost instantly, compared to the dull edges of your typical grinder.

But is it effective? After slicing through different quality strains, we can honestly say that, yes, the KLIP Grinder is the most effective grinder on the market.

And because it’s so easy, innovative, and effective, it’s wildly relevant. As the industry evolves, it’s only right that we consumers do as well, which starts with the products we use.

If you’re looking to enhance your experience with high-quality strains, the HØJ KLIP Grinder is your first stop. For more information about the KLIP Grinder, visit hoj.life.

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