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Herbworthy | 03.21.2023

Herbworthy: Yew Yew’s Ultimate Stoney Kit

Does this kit have everything you need for a perfect session?

Ever wanted to upgrade your accessories but couldn’t find the pieces of your dreams? Every stoner deserves to use accessories and products that represent their style, personality, and aesthetics. After all, cannabis is personal, so your accessories should be too.

In most cases, upgrading your accessories can be a costly feat. You may need a new grinder, ashtray, pipe, and bong, but that requires spending an arm and a leg to purchase these pieces individually. What if there was a way to upgrade all of your accessories through one kit?

We’re not talking about just any regular bundle, but The Ultimate Stoney Kit from Yew Yew. This brand is all about providing high-design and modern smoking accessories that fit your style. Luckily, they offer a few kits to help you upgrade all of your accessories at one generous price. Is Yew Yew’s Ultimate Stoney Kit Herbworthy certified? Let’s find out.

About Yew Yew's Ultimate Stoney Kit

The Ultimate Stoney Kit from Yew Yew is a complete kit that comes with everything you need for a high-end, modern session. See what’s included below.

Cloud Grinder: The praised Cloud Grinder from Yew Yew is a stunning piece that delivers super smooth flower in a sleek, durable, and contemporary design. It has three compartments, one for grinding with uber-sharp teeth, one for storing your ground flower, and one for catching your precious kief.

Half Circle Ashtray: It doesn’t get much more stylish than Yew Yew’s Half Circle Ashtray, ready to sit pretty on your coffee table. Not only is it functional and sculptural, but it’s a beautiful double-walled, oversized glass ashtray that fits perfectly in your hand with its half-circle shape. Easy to use and easy to pass around during a rotation.

Half Circle Pipe: Perhaps one of the most famous products from Yew Yew is its Half Circle Pipe, a petite yet fierce addition to your session that delivers ultra-smooth hits. It features a carb hole to clear the smoke while sitting perfectly in the palm of your hand. Use it solo or pass it around, as each bowl can take about 4-7 hits.

Sunset Bong: Last but certainly not least is The Sunset Bong, one of the most visually appealing bongs on the market. It’s designed in New York and made from thick and durable borosilicate glass. The result is dreamy, sunset-worthy bong rips with water filtration and a design like no other. The rounded mouthpiece and squared base, paired with the beautiful color options, make this bong a stunning statement piece.

Together, these products are valued at a total of $315.00. The Ultimate Stoney Kit offers them at $240.

Is Yew Yew's Ultimate Stoney Kit Herbworthy Certified?

Yew Yew’s Ultimate Stoney Kit features some of the most sought-after cannabis accessories on the market for a generous price.

Some bong users (myself included) are willing to pay a pretty penny for one quality piece. With Yew Yew’s bundle, you can spend what you would on a great bong and receive four exceptional accessories.

For that reason, and many more, we’re giving Yew Yew’s Ultimate Stoney Kit a rating of 5, an official Herbworthy rating. For more information on how we rate products, visit our Herbworthy Scorecard. We rate accessories like The Ultimate Stoney Kit based on the following four factors:

  • Innovation
  • Ease of Use
  • Relevance
  • Effectiveness

The accessories within this bundle are incredibly innovative and designed for the modern stoner. Plus, they’re just as functional as the tried and true pieces you know and love.

Modern smoking accessories are becoming incredibly relevant, especially as the industry continues evolving and providing consumers with products that reflect their personalities, style, and aesthetics. Finally, each accessory within The Ultimate Stoney Kit from Yew Yew is incredibly effective in elevating your sessions with pieces you can celebrate.

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