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Blue Sage Cannabis: A Top Missouri Weed Dispensary

This Missouri-based dispensary strives to elevate your well-being. Stop by today and easily access the relief you deserve.

Dispensaries are the backbone of the medical cannabis community. Without them, patients wouldn’t have easy access to their rightful medicine.

We know how important quality cannabis is to you. After all, this is your health and well-being we’re talking about, so finding access to the highest quality products at affordable prices is always in your best interest. For medical patients in Missouri, look to Blue Sage Cannabis Deli.

This medical cannabis dispensary has an impressive menu of premium products across various categories and potencies. Stop by one of their locations and experience Missouri’s favorite cannabis dispensary for yourself. See below for more information about Blue Sage Cannabis Deli and some top products we highly recommend.

About Blue Sage Cannabis Deli

Blue Sage Cannabis Deli is a top-rated medical cannabis dispensary in Missouri. They’re a patient-focused shop that prides itself on a combined 80+ years of experience in the medical field to bring you quality cannabis and expert care in the easiest and most affordable way possible.

Blue Sage carefully curates their menu while sourcing from the best local farms and processors to ensure you can access products that make a difference for your specific situation. Blue Sage Cannabis Deli has two locations in Southwest Missouri, both with a friendly, knowledgeable staff that aims to connect you with the best possible products for your needs.

Whether it’s the convenience of a pre-roll, the potency of a distillate cartridge, or the fast-acting smoke-free nature of tinctures, Blue Sage Cannabis Deli has something for you. Check out store details below and see a few of our favorite products from both their Lebanon and Carthage dispensaries.

Blue Sage Cannabis Deli – Lebanon

Address: 1210 Deadra Drive, Lebanon, MO 65536

Hours: Open daily from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm

Phone: +1 (417) 991-3491


Blue Sage Cannabis Deli – Carthage

Address: 429 Peachtree Lane, Carthage, MO 64836

Hours: Open daily from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm

Phone: +1 (417) 237-9018

Products vary by location, but we’ve included some stellar picks from Blue Sage’s Lebanon and Carthage locations below.

For our flower lovers out there, we’ve found the perfect strain for mental relaxation and physical bliss. Available at Blue Sage’s Carthage dispensary, Flora Farms’ Alien OG is a balanced hybrid strain producing calm, energetic, happy, and relaxed effects. This particular strain reaches a generous THC content of 25.97%, so buckle up and prepare for liftoff.

Buoyant Bob's Strawberry Daquiri Distillate Cart

Stop by Blue Sage’s Lebanon dispensary and feast your eyes on this bad boy. If you love potent vape cartridges, you’ll rave about the energetic and creative effects of Buoyant Bob’s Strawberry Daquiri Distillate Cart.

After one hit, the mood elevates, stress levels deplete, and you’ll feel focused and inspired to complete your next creative endeavor. With 91.23% THC, expect to be high in the sky in no time.

Vivid's Florida Kush THCa Tincture

Do you prefer a non-smokeable option that kicks in fast and produces powerful effects? We recommend Vivid’s Florida Kush THCa Tincture, a herbal extract featuring hybrid genetics for a feel-good and balanced experience.

Inside this tincture is 250mg THC and 0.05mg CBD. Needless to say, it’s very potent, so be sure to follow the dosage guidelines indicated on the dropper. Sublingual tinctures produce effects faster than edibles, and this tincture is praised for its calm, happy, energetic, and blissful experience.

Keef's FLO Energy Drink 25mg

Whether you’re looking for a booze replacement or seeking a social way to consume cannabis without smoking, check out Keef’s FLO Energy Drink 25mg, available at Blue Sage’s Lebanon dispensary.

Unlike most cannabis beverages, this drink contains 25mg THC alongside hybrid genetics that produce calm, energetic, happy, and balanced effects. Get yours now and experience the delicious and euphoric world of drinkable cannabis.

For more products and information about Blue Sage Cannabis Deli, visit their website at bluesagecanna.com.

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