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How Long Does It Take For Edibles To Expire?

See if those gummies in your drawer are still good to go.

Edibles are a great option for those who want to steer away from smoking. Even if you enjoy smoking and aren’t looking to quit, edibles can help you switch up your consumption routine and keep things exciting.

But what about those edibles that have been sitting in your drawer for the last few months? Have they gone bad yet? Or maybe you’re wondering if they’ve lost potency since you bought them.

Whatever the case may be, let’s discuss when (or if) edibles expire and how long they last.

The Average Shelf Life Of Edibles

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Determining if your edibles are still, well, edible, depends on the type of food that’s been infused.

Treats like gummies usually last longer because they contain preservatives. Also, since it’s a sugar-based treat, they don’t go moldy or rotten, but they become stale.

If you purchased a brownie or cookie, that’s where bacteria can enter the equation. However, if you bought the edible and stored it in the same air-tight package this whole time, they should be okay to ingest. Just make sure to check the expiry or best before date.

We must warn you; they likely won’t be as potent as when you purchased them, as THC degrades over time. The general rule of thumb is if an edible has been stored for six months or longer, it won’t get you that high.

But, if the edible’s packaging notes a best before date that’s already passed, they definitely won’t get you high, and they may make your stomach hurt after expiring (this is especially true for baked goods).

How To Keep Your Edibles Potent For Longer

Once an edible is made, its potency is consistent until about the six-month mark. That said, they can lose potency earlier if they’re stored in;

  • Warm, bright places
  • Humid areas
  • Opened bags/containers

Oxygen is an edible’s enemy. You want to avoid air exposure at all costs when storing your edibles. It quickly degrades the THC content and turns it into CBN, another minor cannabinoid that doesn’t get you high but makes you sleepy.

If you bought edibles last month and you’re not planning to eat them any time soon, the tips below will help you maintain their potency and ensure they’ll hit once ingested.

  • Air-Tight Jars, Bags, & Containers: This helps ensure your weed doesn’t contact oxygen, thus maintaining potency.
  • Dark, Cool Areas: Warmth and light can also degrade THC, so storing edibles in a cool dark place is best.
  • Freezer: Perhaps there’s no better cool and dark place than the freezer. This way, edibles can last longer and stay potent even after the best before date. Just thaw them out before you want to eat them, and you’re good to go.

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