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Learn | 07.21.2022

How Much Water Should You Put In Your Bong?

You might have been seshing wrong this whole time.

Don’t get me wrong; I adore my joints. I’m sure other stoners would agree.

But there’s something about water filtration and the strong, smooth rips of bongs that keep me coming back for more. Learning your way around a bong might seem easy; just fill it with water, spark up, and inhale.

But, in reality, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind if you want to make good use of your cherished B.

For one thing, how much water does a bong need for maximum filtration and smooth rips? Find your answer below.

Why Do Bongs Need Water?

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A bong doesn’t necessarily need water, but it helps make each toke smooth and gentle on the throat. I’ve accidentally caught myself reaching for the bong and sparking up, only to realize I forgot to fill the base with water.

I still got high, but I was coughing like a mad man. The hit was scratchy on my throat and definitely not satisfying without those plump bubbly sounds.

Bongs use water for three reasons;

  • Reduce the harsh nature of smoke
  • Filter out ash and other impurities
  • Cool down the smoke for easy hits

But how much water do you need in order to experience cool, smooth, and filtered smoke?

How Much Water Should You Put In Your Bong?

There are many different kinds of bongs on the market. There is no official standard, but how much water they need is all relatively similar.

A bong usually comes with three pieces;

  • A bowl piece
  • A downstem
  • The bong itself

A bong’s downstem has little slits near the bottom that filter your smoke and produce that pleasing bubbly sound. You’ll want to fill the bong with just enough water so the slits are completely submerged.

And then, there are bongs with percolators. These bongs usually come with one to two percs. If you want one perc, fill enough water so the perc and all its holes are completely submerged.

If you have two percs, fill your bong from the mouthpiece so water can run down into and through the percs, prepping them for your next hit.

In conclusion, all you need to ensure your bong has enough water is to fill it just enough so any interior holes are submerged. This way, you’re getting maximum water filtration, and the coolest, smoothest hits each time around.

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