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How Social Networking Helps Grow Your Cannabis Business: 13 Networks You Should Know

Discover the power of cannabis networks with our comprehensive guide to the top Cannabis Business Social Networks.

In a landscape marked by the paradoxical nature of cannabis legality in the United States, the cannabis industry has experienced remarkable growth despite federal prohibition.

The intricate web of state-specific regulations governing the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis has posed challenges for businesses, especially in terms of advertising and promotion on major social media platforms subject to strict guidelines.

This restrictive environment has left many cannabis enthusiasts wondering if there is a dedicated space for their community. In response to this dilemma, weed social networks have emerged where entrepreneurs, sellers, buyers, and fans can converge, interact, and champion the cause of cannabis.

But what exactly is a weed social network? A cannabis social network is a specialized online platform designed to connect individuals and entities within the cannabis industry, facilitating collaboration, communication, and networking.

These networks serve as dedicated spaces where those involved in the cannabis business can converge to share information, build relationships, and promote the industry’s growth. Their primary focus lies on issues specific to the cannabis industry, and their design considers the complexity of legal regulations, incorporating features and guidelines to ensure compliance with state laws.

In addition, these networks offer significant networking opportunities, allowing users to connect with peers, potential business partners, customers, and other stakeholders, creating a robust collaboration ecosystem.

6 Benefits Of Having A Presence On Weed Social Media Networks

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Improves Brand Awareness: Being active on cannabis social networks can improve brand visibility, reaching a wider audience within the industry.

Increases Trust and Credibility: Establishing trust through transparent and engaging interactions contributes to the credibility of cannabis businesses.

Creates New Connections: The networking these platforms offer is incredible, allowing you to connect with potential customers, partners, and industry influencers.

Strengthens Old Connections: Through cannabis networks, you can reconnect or regain old connections, fostering loyalty and long-term partnerships.

Ensures A Cannabis-Friendly Space: As dedicated networks or with special sections dedicated to cannabis, they become safe and supportive environments to discuss cannabis-related topics without the stigma.

Drives Web Traffic: Social networks allow an increase in web traffic, making them a unique digital marketing tool.

13 Best Cannabis Business Social Networks In 2024

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These platforms not only connect cannabis enthusiasts and professionals but also provide a space where entrepreneurs, sellers, buyers, and lovers of the plant can interact and promote the growth of the industry.

As the cannabis industry flourishes, these networks become essential catalysts, overcoming the limitations imposed by strict community guidelines on other platforms.


LinkedIn stands out as the most business-friendly social networking platform, including the cannabis industry. This platform is known for avoiding content censorship and boasts a global business database.

This makes it a powerful tool for cannabis companies seeking a professional presence. Here you can share cannabis-related news, ideas, and information, highlight employees, encourage engagement, and use invitations to expand a company’s reach.

LinkedIn offers an excellent platform for making professional connections, allowing companies to connect with a broad audience and circumvent challenges imposed by legal restrictions on cannabis advertising.


GrassCity, one of the pioneering online forums dedicated to cannabis, originated as a hub for marijuana cultivators and has transformed into a holistic platform embracing diverse facets of cannabis culture. Hosting forums covering cultivation techniques, consumption, legalization, dispensary locations, and beyond, GrassCity serves as a comprehensive repository for cannabis-related discussions.

This platform not only functions as a dynamic space for current conversations but also stands as a historical archive, offering insight into the evolution of cannabis culture over time.

With its easily navigable dispensary directory, GrassCity simplifies the process of locating legal sources of marijuana, rendering it an invaluable resource for both cannabis enthusiasts and businesses operating within the cannabis industry.

WeedLife Network

Established in 2013, the WeedLife Network has become a pivotal player in a network of over 40 websites, providing a unique space for cannabis-related businesses and consumers.

At its core, WeedLife offers a news feed that delivers the latest updates from cannabis-related businesses, coupled with user-generated content and lively discussion forums. This amalgamation fosters a vibrant global community, reaching enthusiasts in 120 countries.

While WeedLife primarily caters to consumers, businesses are increasingly recognizing its value. The platform accommodates both personal and business profiles, empowering enterprises to connect with customers, showcase products, and list dispensaries. In essence, WeedLife Network has evolved into a dynamic and inclusive hub, bridging the gap between cannabis businesses and their target audience.


Weedable is a social network designed to facilitate connections on the go, offering users a mobile app with notification features. This platform actively encourages engagement among cannabis enthusiasts through user profiles and provides a seamless avenue for online shopping related to cannabis products.

Catering to both consumers and businesses, Weedable functions as a space where social users can follow their preferred brands and business users can establish personal connections with their customers. Serving as an online hub, Weedable keeps the cannabis community informed about the latest news, fostering a virtual meeting place for discussions and interactions within the cannabis-loving community. In essence, Weedable aims to create a dynamic and interconnected space for individuals and businesses in the cannabis sphere, enhancing both social connections and commercial interactions.


MassRoots is a social networking platform focused on the cannabis community. Initially conceived as a network for students using cannabis, it has grown to over one million users. The platform is available in states where cannabis use is legal.

MassRoots provides a space for users to review and rate cannabis-related brands and products, adopting functionality similar to Yelp but focused specifically on marijuana.

The platform also allows cannabis-related businesses to register, promote themselves, and gain valuable information through customer reviews. This makes MassRoots attractive to businesses in the cannabis industry, as it allows them to connect with their target audience and harness the power of user reviews.


Duby is a social network created as a safe platform for cannabis lovers at a time when marijuana was illegal in most places. Over time, it has evolved into an app that connects hundreds of thousands of cannabis enthusiasts, with features reminiscent of Instagram and Tinder.

The platform allows users to share videos and stories, making it easy for cannabis lovers to connect, network, and even find dates. While its primary focus is not to be a business social network, it provides numerous opportunities for cannabis-related businesses to promote their products and connect with interested consumers. In this sense, Duby presents itself as a virtual space where the cannabis community can share experiences, get to know each other, and explore cannabis-related products.


This cannabis business network has a professional vibe similar to LinkedIn. Its main goal is to match investors with cannabis-related businesses, fueling the growth of this $25 billion industry. If you’re a business owner looking for investors or the other way around, LeafWire wants to help you connect.

Until recently, it was complicated for cannabis businesses to attract investors due to the stigma and uncertainty surrounding the industry. With increasing legalization and decreasing stigma, LeafWire makes it easier for investors and businesses looking for funding to connect.

In addition, like LinkedIn, LeafWire also helps cannabis employers find qualified employees. It serves as a meeting point for professionals in the field, allowing them to discuss trends, techniques, and the latest developments in the medical and recreational marijuana fields.


This relatively new platform in the cannabis industry is a bit more niche than most, as it focuses on medical marijuana.

JointBudz is a great way to find a lot of information on using cannabis to treat various conditions, as well as content on marijuana cultivation and other lifestyle discussion topics.


As you can probably infer from the name of this site, its main purpose is to help cannabis users find local dispensaries and stores. This makes it a key destination for the SEO strategy of cannabis dispensaries, who will undoubtedly want to have a presence on this app that caters to a huge online community. Dispensaries can post promotions and offers, and it is also possible to set up online orders through the platform.

This social network goes beyond simply providing maps. It also allows you to read reviews of different brands and strains, and users can share thoughts and images. WeedMaps presents itself as a comprehensive tool that not only helps consumers locate cannabis products but also facilitates informed decision-making through reviews and opinions shared by the community.

MJ Mary Jane

MJ Mary Jane is similar to Pinterest in its functionality. It is the ideal place to browse or share eye-catching images of marijuana smokers, growers, and more. You can rate and bookmark your favorites, as well as follow other users on the platform.

Similar to Pinterest, MJ Mary Jane offers a visually engaging space for the cannabis community, where users can share their experiences, discover new perspectives, and connect through images and ratings. This platform provides an immersive experience that reflects the diversity and creativity within the cannabis community.

MJ Link

At MJLink, the spotlight falls on cannabis industry professionals. This site is designed to connect with vendors, marketers, growers, lawyers, product manufacturers, and various cannabis entrepreneurs.

Regardless of how you are professionally connected to the cannabis industry, this social network is quickly establishing itself as a must-have place to establish your presence. Once you’ve created your profile, you’ll be ready to expand your network through videos, news, and directory listings, offering a comprehensive platform for connecting and exchanging information between the various players in the cannabis world.

Weed Circles

Weed Circles stands out as a social network primarily dedicated to cannabis businesses. It is full of circles made up of cannabis entrepreneurs, including vendors, growers, dispensary owners, and more.

Promoting your business is easy in this environment, as is growing your list of followers. This group-oriented social network is free to access, giving cannabis professionals a space to effectively connect, collaborate, and expand their networks.


CannaSOS is a social network dedicated to the cannabis world with over 400,000 monthly visitors. Its main appeal lies in its extensive database that offers detailed information on literally thousands of cannabis strains and extracts, providing essential data such as THC content and more. This valuable information serves as a comprehensive guide for enthusiasts and can be used strategically for marketing purposes in your own internal display networks.

In addition to being a rich source of cannabis product data, CannaSOS provides a space to connect with industry professionals. Users have the opportunity to connect with cannabis industry experts to get answers to specific questions related to cultivation and sales.

In short, CannaSOS serves not only as an informative platform on cannabis strains but also as a meeting point for the community, facilitating the connection between cannabis enthusiasts and professionals.

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