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How To Properly Store Delta 8

Storing Delta-8 in ideal conditions is a must; here's why. Created with Eighty Six.

Delta 8 THC continues to wow us with its beneficial effects and the many innovative products consumers can purchase it through.

What many consumers don’t realize is the importance of properly storing your Delta 8 products to extend their shelf life and prolong their potency and overall quality.

In order to take advantage of the already-long shelf life of Delta 8 products, we partnered with premium Delta 8 cannabis brand Eighty Six to help consumers better understand how to make the most of their special products.

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How Long Does Delta-8 Last?

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With time, regular Delta 9 converts into CBN. The great thing about Delta 8 is that it remains stable and does not degrade into other minor compounds.

Although it remains stable, Delta 8 does expire after roughly two years or 18 months.

That said, if the product isn’t stored properly, it can spoil and go sour much earlier than the expiry date on the package.

How To Store Delta-8

A Cool, Dark Place

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Delta 8 products stored in a cool, dark place tend to have a longer shelf-life than those stored in bright, warm places.

Keeping your product in a refrigerator is ideal, but we have to stress the importance of keeping your product away from bright lights and high temperatures.

This is especially important for edibles like gummies, which can melt easily and spoil faster if not looked after properly.

Airtight Containers

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Although Delta 8 remains stable, it still oxidizes much slower than regular Delta 9 THC.

For this reason, storing your products in an airtight container will keep your product away from air exposure, thus helping them last longer and stay pure.

Keep in mind that glass containers are more effective than plastic.

Keep Dry

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It’s no secret that exposing your Delta 8, or any cannabinoid for that matter, to moisture and humidity will directly affect the product’s shelf life.

You want to avoid storing your Delta 8 inside a car, near a bathroom, or kitchen, especially while cooking.

Humidity can lessen the potency of Delta 8, which is why storing it in a cool, dark place is ideal.

Keep The Product Sealed

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After using your Delta 8 product, make sure to zip or seal it closed to avoid unwanted air exposure.

Storing in a sealed glass container like a Mason jar is ideal for reducing the amount of oxygen and heat that can potentially spoil your product.

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