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Learn | 04.30.2023

Indacloud’s Innovative Blends Take You Higher Than Ever Before

Looking for a borderline psychedelic experience? Check out these hot products from Indacloud.

Sometimes, all you need is a little weed to put your mind at ease. But, of course, you can’t just opt for the first strain or product you see. We’ve done the grunt work to ensure your hunt for the finest cannabis products is effortless.

That’s why we suggest Indacloud, a reputable brand that aims to bring you to your happy place. They have an assortment of premium products available for you to try. Before we dive into some recommendations, let’s take a look at what this brand is all about.

Behind The Brand

Photo courtesy of Indacloud

The founders of Indacloud are seasoned users who took the chance to create a brand as soon as the 2018 Farm Bill took effect. In short, Indacloud is the materialized dream of cannabis lovers who want to create the products they’ve always dreamed of.

Indacloud’s catalog includes various products across vapes, edibles, concentrates, blunts, and more. Each of them was designed to accompany you during any adventure, be it in the great outdoors or from the comfort of home.

Plus, Indacloud products contain the safest ingredients. Enjoy them at affordable prices with peace of mind, knowing you’re consuming the cream of the crop. Below, we’ve included some fantastic products from Indacloud. Pick your favorites and see what the hype is about.

Psychedelic Series Bundle

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The Psychedelic Series has three disposable vapes with different terpene profiles. Each disposable contains 2 grams of vape oil mixing Live Resin THC-B, THC-H, Delta 6 THC, and Delta 11 THC.

Together, the mouthwatering taste and the psychoactive potency take you on a trip away from reality. After all, these cannabinoids cause an intense mental rush with borderline psychedelic effects.

This impressive blend of cannabinoids pairs perfectly with the following available flavors:

  • Electric Kool-Aid
  • Orange Sunshine
  • Snozzberries

Indacloud also offers a bundle option to help you save big. Why not stock up on these powerhouse disposables?

Live Resin Bangers

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The Live Resin Bangers THC-A Pre-Rolls are convenient and potent joints rolled with pure THCa Sour Diesel buds and a dose of live resin.

Every Sativa enthusiast should have a jar of these Live Resin Bangers at hand. Inside the package are four pre-rolls of 1.25 grams each. When smoked, you’ll experience the combined action of THCa and terpenes to produce a balanced, relaxed, and enjoyable experience.

Moreover, you’ll enjoy the distinct gassy and citrus flavors of Sour Diesel. These Live Resin Bangers are incredibly pleasant, and you might want more than one. Don’t hesitate to stock up.

Super Blunts Bundle

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The Delta 9-O THC Super Blunt offers a semi-psychedelic experience, even for seasoned users, thanks to the mix of AAAA premium CBD flower, small-batch CBG, Delta 9 THC, THC-O distillate, cold-sifted CBG kief, and live resin.

These praised compounds produce an uplifting sensation that touches both the body and mind. However, these blunts are incredibly strong. The brand suggests puffing them with friends or over multiple solo sessions.

Beyond that, these bad boys are massive, weighing 3 grams each, drenched in live resin, rolled with organic hemp wrap, and covered in CBG kief. Expect a dreamy entourage effect that takes you to cloud nine instantly. Available in various flavors, you also have the option to bundle up and save big. Why wait? Experience these heavy-hitting blunts for yourself.

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