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Learn | 03.12.2022

Invincible Strives To Educate All Consumers On The Many Benefits Of CBD

Whether you have a question about CBD or need a high-quality, affordable product to relieve pain, Invincible is for you.

When we say there’s a product and brand out there for everyone, we couldn’t mean that more when talking about Invincible, a true brand for the people. The company hopes to inspire, educate, and welcome all cannabis users from different walks of life.

Invincible’s creator, owner, and operator Mel was once living the life of a broke college student that many of us have experienced, barely having enough money to pay for food. And when it came to medicine, Mel found herself reaching new personal heights when incorporating CBD into her life, but the only issue was finding a reliable product that wouldn’t break the bank.

Enter Invincible, filling the gap between the public and their knowledge of the naturally-occurring cannabinoid derived from cannabis. Mel thought if CBD could change her life, enhance her workout routines, and bring her to a more satisfying way of being, it was only fitting that Invincible makes knowledge a core aspect of the brand.

Invincible makes it clear that if you have any questions about the company or CBD and want a direct answer, feel free to reach out to, and the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks to Invincible, you no longer have to decide between quality and affordability, as the high-quality hemp-derived CBD that’s non-GMO and free of solvents, fillers, and pesticides is ready to bring some clarity and momentum to your life once again. Now that you know a bit more about the brand let’s dive into a few of our favorite products from Invincible.

Invincible CBD Tincture

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Invincible’s CBD Tincture is a great place to start for new and seasoned CBD users. Whenever some lingering stress or anxiety begins creeping in, drop a half dropper under the tongue and feel your stressors wash away safely and naturally. Invincible encourages us to use the tincture twice a day to get the full and complete CBD experience.

This tincture comes with 900 mg CBD and should definitely be a part of your everyday adventures…especially if you need a natural boost of clarity and motivation.

Invincible CBD Gummy Bears

Photo courtesy of Invincible CBD

You can never go wrong with chewing on a few of Invincible’s CBD Gummy Bears, and they’re great for any time of day. Perhaps you feel some pre-work jitters and need to relax before a presentation; these sour 10mg gummies are the perfect way to clear the mind and get you back on your motivated track.

The container itself contains 300 mg CBD that’s evenly divided into 30 gummies and is also great for shutting off the brain after a long day, letting you relax and fall asleep with ease.

Invincible CBD Extra Strength Power Cream

Photo courtesy of Invincible CBD

By far the strongest product at Invincible is the CBD Extra Strength Power Cream. This product is a topical that’s designed to help mitigate soreness and pains caused by physical activity and exercise. We’re sure anyone with chronic pain or inflammation will also make good use of this cream.

Consumers have two options, the 3oz 2000mg CBD Lotion or the 1oz 650mg CBD lotion. The cream also comes with cooling menthol, lemongrass, wintergreen, or eucalyptus essential oil to help your body and muscles relax the right way.

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