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Keef Brands Classic Original Cola Review

Experience the balancing effects and familiar flavors within the Keef Classic Orignal Cola, your new summer companion.

Sometimes there’s no better feeling than cracking open a cola on a sweltering summer day. And while you could smoke a joint or eat an edible, then scarf it down with your favorite beverage, why not combine those two experiences into one refreshing and uplifting cannabis-infused cola beverage.

Keef Brands Original Cola

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If you’re not familiar with Keef Brands, the company has been paving the way for cannabis-infused beverage companies since its establishment in 2010. One of the company’s top products is its carbonated Keef Classic Original Cola. In fact, this was the true OG Keef product.

Founder, Colorado-based Erik Knutson gave a Keef Cola prototype to his 85-year-old grandmother about a decade ago, and from someone who’s never used cannabis a day in her life, Knutson’s beloved Grandma Dee adored the cola, prompting the creation of Keef Brands.

Keef Original Cola Product Details

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If you’re in need of a refreshing and psychoactive beverage reminiscent of those distinct cola flavors, the Keef Classic Original Cola is your best bet.

The beverage comes in your usual soda can with bright red labeling to give the packaging that same cola appearance and look. Inside each can contains a total of 10mg THC, which is only available in states and regions where cannabis is legal for recreational use.

Each can is infused with pure CO2 extracted cannabis oil with rotating hybrid strains for a balanced, social effect. To ensure that no residual oil builds up in the can while also maintaining the product’s shelf life for longer than most cannabis beverages, Keef uses its own proprietary emulsification process to offer a stable oil suspension.

The effects produced by the Keef Classic Original Cola are just what you’d expect from your favorite hybrid strain. A wave of balance and bliss washes the body while leaving the user with equal amounts of creativity and relaxation.

Photo courtesy of Keef Brands

This beverage is ideal for any social gathering or event, helping you relieve all stress and anxiety and letting you live in the moment authentically.

There’s a good reason why the Keef Classic Original Soda has been the most awarded cannabis beverage worldwide. Based on the information above, you can probably understand why it’s on our list of go-to THC-infused drinks.

From its debut in January 2010 to today, the Keef Classic Original Cola is ready to give you those familiar cola flavors but with an added burst of THC to keep you lifted.

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