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Learn | 04.11.2022

Keef: Setting the Standard for THC-Infused Energy Beverages

Keef has grown from a small Colorado cannabis-infused beverage company to a brand that has gained recognition across the cannabis world.

Energy drinks are what keep a lot of people going. If you’re not a coffee-lover but are still looking for that extra boost of energy that caffeine provides, energy drinks might just be part of your routine.

Now imagine this: energy drinks that are THC-infused. You don’t have to imagine them, because they already exist: Keef Brands has a line of THC-infused energy beverages that balance and uplift those who are curious enough to try them.

What Do We Know About Keef Brands?

Photo courtesy of Keef Brands

It was way back in 2010 in Colorado (seems like a few years ago, but it’s been more than a decade) that Erik Knutson decided to create new ways to experience cannabis in a drinkable form. With the help and support of family and friends, he changed the way stoners can get their weed fix.

Drinking is a fun, social, and celebratory experience, but not everyone likes grabbing a beer or mixing a fun drink. For those who wanted to be a part of the social aspect of drinking without giving into alcohol, Erik mixed up an early batch of “Keef Cola” and let his 85-year-old Grandma Dee be the taste tester. She loved it, and if an beloved grandma was to enjoy it, who’s to say everyone else will too?

Since that day, Keef has grown from a small Colorado cannabis-infused beverage company to a brand that has gained recognition across the cannabis world. They’ve been awarded for developing, manufacturing, and distributing CBD- and THC-infused products across seven states so far, and with luck, they might just make it to every corner of the country.

Nowadays, you can find Keef products at licensed dispensaries and delivery services in Colorado, California, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. With a team of experts led by its founder, Keef has managed to be at the helm of innovation at every step of the way, and continues to surprise and amaze those who try their products.

What are Keef’s THC-Infused Energy Beverages?

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Because cannabis legalization is still iffy around the country, the dosage to these energy beverages with THC depends on the state. However, Keef’s energy drinks come in 10mg and 100mg THC levels, both with 90mg of caffeine, the equivalent of about one cup of coffee. The diversity in dosage means that they’re great for those who want a slight buzz and also for those who want to really feel the weed.

Available in two flavors, they cater to different flavor palates. FLO is for the tropical lovers: uniquely fruity, beach-inspired, and deliciously delivering 10mg of THC recreationally in Colorado and 100mg THC medicinally in Oklahoma.

High Octane is more of a citrus feel, with notes of acidic fruit that make the mouth water. Also available in 10mg and 100mg THC depending on the state, this is a great option for those who want to sip on something refreshing while also making the most of the benefits and effects that cannabis brings to the table.

Are Keef’s THC-Infused Energy Beverages Worth It?

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When it comes to wondering whether they’re worth it, there’s only one way to truly get a straight answer: try them. However, complaints are unheard of as clients enjoy every last sip of Keef’s THC-infused energy beverages, whether they’re picking up a few for a party, starting off a busy day with a boost, or just simply letting curiosity get the most of them.

There’s a saying that goes “curiosity killed the cat”, and sure, we’ve all heard of it. What many don’t know, is that there’s a second part to the phrase that’s often overlooked. The full saying says “curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back”. We ensure that satisfaction will be a given when trying Keef’s THC-infused energy beverages, so go ahead and try them for yourself.

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