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Learn | 01.11.2022

Laser Combustion: Is This The Healthiest Way Of Smoking?

Why laser combustion beats lighters and torches in every category. Created with Hitoki.

If you thought the only way to smoke cannabis was to spark up with a lighter, heat a dab rig, or puff it through a vape, you’re wrong. The future of smoking is here, and Hitoki shows the weed world how it’s done. 

We had the pleasure of reviewing Hitoki’s Trident, which is likely the healthiest way of smoking. Hitoki uses the most innovative technology to light up your herb. Two words; laser combustion.

The Trident by Hitoki is pretty pricey, but it’s a product you can keep for a lifetime, and it’s the perfect way to wow your friends by firing the laser. 

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Hitoki’s Trident works similarly to using sunlight and a magnifying glass to spark flames with a concentrated light beam. Instead of sparking your bud with a butane lighter, which you subsequently inhale, Hitoki’s innovative laser combustion offers a healthier alternative.

Another reason why laser technology is a pro for cannabis users is that it doesn’t alter the taste and flavor of the herb. It’s no surprise that with each bong rip or joint toke, the user gets a little taste of gas or butane emitted from the lighter. Laser technology never gets in the way of experiencing a strain’s full flavor and terpenes.

What’s even more impressive is how Hitoki’s Trident laser has a lifespan of over 5,000 hours, which comes out to roughly half a year of consistent day and night use.

In addition to the long lifespan, Hitoki’s Trident also includes water filtration, multiple power settings, safety interlocks, and a carb button.

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The Trident is fully charged in one hour and 45 minutes and can be used 280+ times on one single charge. The entire device may look intimidating, considering it’s the first laser bong to exist, but it’s remarkably effortless and straightforward.

Simply tap the button on the device, and the laser will activate a moment later. Another plus about The Trident is how it heats up instantly, meaning there’s no need to hold a torch and heat the device.

Aside from being a refreshing and modern smoking experience, the smoke emitted from the laser sparking your herb gives one of the smoothest pulls you could ask for.

Lastly, Hitoki’s Trident lets you control how big a hit you want to take. Users can activate the laser for a second or two, and the appropriate amount of smoke will flow through the hose.

If you’re looking for a bigger hit, don’t be afraid to activate the laser for as long as you need.

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