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Learn | 03.06.2023

Lobo: A Premium Pre-Roll & Flower Brand Driven By Passion

Learn how this brand made history in New York's legal recreational market.

There are two reasons why entrepreneurs choose to launch a cannabis brand: passion and profit. While profit sometimes outweighs passion, consumers are always on the hunt for brands that are deeply passionate about cannabis, the experience, and its benefits.

Brands like Lobo (also known as Lobo Cannagar) are driven by their love of cannabis and offering high-quality products to consumers for various occasions. Founded by Eduardo Whittington and Aaron Raskin in 2017, Lobo’s products aren’t the only thing worth celebrating.

Read on to learn more about Lobo’s compelling backstory, their fan-favorite products, and how they made history in New York’s legal adult-use market.

About Lobo

Photo by Lobo

Before we dive into the brand’s backstory, let’s get to know who Lobo is in the first place. The brand launched in 2017 and started with luxury, high-end cannagars that were glazed in potent live resin and expertly rolled in cured cannabis fan leaves. Talk about the ultimate cannabis experience.

Since launching, Lobo has dropped other powerful offerings like their Minis 7-Pack Half-Gram Infused Joints, one for every day of the week. These potent infused joints, alongside other offerings like the Presidente Infused Glass-Tip Blunt, have made Lobo a force to be reckoned with.

The brand currently operates through licensed partners in the following states and countries:

  • California
  • Oregon
  • Colorado
  • Arizona
  • Massachusetts
  • Illinois
  • New York
  • Canada

From Passion To Prominence

Eduardo Whittington and Aaron Raskin met at PuffCo’s office in Brooklyn, where Eduardo was working as the #3 employee, serving as their creative officer. At the time, Aaron was in New York City, running a small ad agency for international lifestyle and CPG brands.

The two would get together and smoke blunts, chatting about their shared vision of owning and running a cannabis brand, which seemed far-stretched at the time when New York and New Jersey still deemed recreational cannabis illegal.

So, they worked as a creative agency for over two years, working with nationwide and worldwide brands in the cannabis industry to better understand operations and how launching a business would go. They learned everything they needed to know about sourcing cannabis, packaging it, and selling it in a compliant market.

At the time, they only had Aaron’s life savings of $50k, a $50k credit limit, and a dream. Lobo launched in 2017 when Eduardo moved to California to represent the brand, and Aaron conducted sales, operations, and supply chain from his small Brooklyn apartment.

Although, it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows at Lobo. The brand has dealt with several scams, cons, bad deals, and even two robberies. But, alas, that didn’t stop them from executing their dreams of running a successful and celebrated cannabis brand.

Making History In New York

Photo by Lobo

In 2018, Lobo launched their line of products in California alongside the state’s then-blossoming adult-use market.

In their home state, Eduardo and Aaron made history by being the first sale at the first legal adult-use cannabis store in New York. Housing Works made history as the first legal cannabis retailer in New York, and Lobo was quick to add to the history by being the first legal product sold at Housing Works.

However, the story might’ve been a bit different if it weren’t for the woman-owned brand Fat Nell. Eduardo and Aaron looked far and wide throughout New York to find a great farm partner when they landed on Fat Nell and her passionate team. Lobo says they are “truly incredible people, working hard and producing fire, humbly. They deserve the spotlight as much as we do.”

Today, Lobo is working hard to get Fat Nell’s flower onto the New York market where it deserves to be. Lobo’s debut winter menu featured Fat Nell’s full-term outdoor buds, organically grown in six different strains that are loaded with terpenes and rich THC levels ranging from 22-27%.

With powerful, potent, and flavorful products, a passionate team, and equally dedicated partners, Lobo is quickly becoming the next cannabis brand in between every stoner’s lips.

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