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Loos Weed Drinks Review: What You Need To Know

Drinking weed has never been easier.

Smoking weed has the side-effect of drying your mouth. After some minutes of enjoying a good flower or some oil, your mouth feels full of cotton. Then, you look for a drink that hydrates you.

The necessity is suffocating, and you dream of that liquid soothing your palate. Now you can have a drink that is infused with THC.

It is incredible when you have a cottonmouth, but it is perfect for enjoying THC without the smoke or vapor. Loos Weed Drinks are the answer to your prayers in the form of tasty beverages infused with 100 mg THC.

You can choose from three different flavors that also cause other effects. Thus, you can select your next favorite drink.

Keep in mind that 100 mg of THC is too much to consume in one go. Thus, you should divide your bottle into smaller servings.

For instance, you can have 20 servings of 5 mg, which are enough to feel the effects of an edible. But, if you have developed tolerance to THC, increase your dosage gradually until getting the desired effects.

About Loos

Loos is a brand of cannabis-infused drinks blessed by the sun and cannabis culture of Santa Cruz, California. These guys know how disruptive the cannabis industry is.

And for that reason, you have to keep your mind open to creating great things. They have achieved that goal so far, being innovative and selling top-quality products.

Their drinks are enhanced with nanoemsulfied THC that helps your body absorb it faster. That way, the cannabinoid is so potent as when you ingest it, but it acts in a much shorter time than common edibles.

They also add nutraceuticals to the beverages to boost their medical benefits. And their recyclable glass bottles reduce their carbon footprint.

Still, the best way to see how good they are is by trying the products. These drinks come in three different terpenes profiles. That way, you can taste different flavors and experience other effects.

Let’s review those three presentations.



The Lavender presentations cause relaxing indica effects. It starts from your stomach and jumps to your head, putting your mind at ease and chilling. While drinking it, you feel like the liquid turns into a relaxation flow. The worries go away, and your mood is blissful and bright. 

The effects become physical in a few minutes. A warming sensation covers your core and spreads to your limbs. They feel heavy and pleasant. At that moment, you notice that any pain reduces its intensity and seems inexistent.

Best Time To Drink

The calming and mild sedating effects of Lavender make it a fantastic drink to have during the evening or before bed.

This drink slows down your thoughts and reduces stress and anxiety.

There’s nothing better than the warming hug of the physical effects of an indica to have a restful night.

Orange Crush


A sip of Orange Crush is a charge of energy and blissfulness to your mind. The indica effects of this drink start the engines of your mind and body. Every sip of it seems to be a bit of a good mood that uplifts your spirit.

When drinking it, it turns into a stream of energy that starts behind your forehead, making your mind feel clear. That energy runs through your spine and makes your body feel lighter.

At that moment, your mind is clear, and your body is full of energy. Then, you can focus better on any task you perform. It seems easier to do mental tasks like reading, writing, or drawing. And also makes you do better and enjoy your workout routine more.

Best Time To Drink

Orange Crush will be your new orange juice or cup of coffee in the morning. This drink has the energizing and uplifting effects of an indica.

A cup of it puts your mind in a manageable state of euphoria and optimism. Thus, you feel motivated and focused on whatever challenge comes with the day.

Green Dream


Green Dream is the perfect center between energy and relaxation. This presentation has balanced effects that wash away all bad vibes while you stay awake.

This beverage puts you in a state of flow where everything marches in the right place. Your mind doesn’t rush anymore, so you feel relaxed and keep doing your stuff focused and without stress.

Drinking Green Dream makes you feel in control of your emotions and that everything is going out fine. It also relaxes your body, reducing muscular tension and relieving aches.

You might feel a little hungry as well, so keep some snacks close and turn on chilling music to improve the moment.

Best Time To Drink

This is a drink that you might enjoy during the day, it will put you in a good while keeping you functional. The balanced effects of the Green Dream make it the perfect beverage to drink any time of the day.

It is the kind of drink you keep on your desk while doing your tasks so that you don’t accumulate stress and chill while getting things done.

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