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Luchador Tinctures Review: Everything You Need To Know

If you're a fan of strong cannabis, then these tinctures are for you.

Photo courtesy of Luchador

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Although underutilized, tinctures are a convenient, discreet, and less controversial way of consuming. Some make their own with great success, but there’s also an exciting product offer out there for tinctures. Let us dive into what tinctures are and review the Luchador Tincture, a product you’ll want to try out at least once!

Would you agree if I say cannabis is one of the most versatile products out there? There are many ways to consume and enjoy the benefits of cannabis. From creams and oils to raw herb and concentrates, there are many forms of marijuana, and we’re in for a treat because we’ll explore tinctures. 

Tinctures are probably one of the most underrated and underexplored methods of consuming flower, but that does not mean they’re ineffective or less fun. Quite the contrary, tinctures probably even work better and feel better to some, and that’s what weed is all about.

I love how versatile jane is because it accommodates consumers and users of all sorts.

Luchador Tinctures

The Luchador brand is bold, sexy, and stunning! Their tinctures are well thought, well designed, and satisfying. Their flavor profiles are unique and exciting; I’d say they are daring and have their minds to please the user.

Please look at their edibles; their gummies have tropical and exotic flavors that will have your mouth watering. What we’re interested in, though, is their tincture line, which is the bomb! 

The Luchador Super Strong Tinctures are unique and come in various traditional Mexican flavors for you to try out and fall in love with. All the Luchador tinctures come in beautiful bottles that pack 1,000 mg of THC.

Luchador Horchata Super Strong Tincture


Horchata Super Strong Tincture

Shop now

This is an iconic Mexican staple! The sweet, spiced cinnamon flavor profile is enticing. Get ready to fight whatever the day throws at you with this euphoric, creativity-inducing, and happy user experience.

Luchador Watermelon Super Strong Tincture

Take this to your corner of the ring and taste those juicy, sweet, and summer flavors this tincture has to offer. Watermelon cannabis products are a gem, and this one does not come short, it has amazing flavor and cool effects. 

Luchador Pineapple Habanero Super Strong Tincture

This tincture packs a punch and has an exciting, spicy flavor profile. With a sweet, juicy pineapple taste that has spicy notes for a fun and rushing experience. 

Tincture History

The big picture might seem to say that tinctures are quite a novelty, but in reality, they go way back. These babies were the primary form of medicinal cannabis right until they were banned in the thirties. Probably one of the reasons you may just be hearing about tinctures is they don’t carry the same banner as edibles, smoking, or dabbing; they come in a cute eyedropper and look like meds.

Truth be told, that’s how and why tinctures exist. They were made as a medicinal product that carried the benefits of cannabis in a small, convenient bottle. Records show that tinctures were used in the nineteenth century as a powerful and capable medicine, good for pain, sleep disorders, increasing appetite, and possibly for withdrawal of other substances. 

Can you believe Big Pharma used to bottle and market this openly? Well, most people had the privilege of going down to the apothecary and purchasing a household drug, and it was also commonly used on the battlefield during the Civil War. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of knowledge on the real properties of cannabis back in that time, so other medicinal substances took the lead. 

By the turn of the century, with other painkillers and more stable medicine, herbal remedies like tinctures became outdated. One key factor was the lack of information regarding isolated compounds, strength variance, and efficacy of cannabis. Fortunately, retro is always back, and with way more research, information, and know-how, tinctures today are a powerful option for hemp consumers.

What Are Tinctures & How Are They Made?

Photo by Parilov / Adobe Stock Photo

A tincture is a concentrated herbal extract commonly made by soaking plant-based materials in a solvent. Animal material may also be used, although it is not as common. 

Alcohol is a common solvent because it effectively breaks down acidic and essential components of plant matter. This is true for cannabis because, in the case of jane tinctures, you’ll end up with more of those ‘’good’’ cannabinoids in your dropper bottle. 

When it comes to cannabis tinctures, there are different solvents used in production. Although alcohol is the oldest form, there is glycerin and oiled based tinctures as well. Active compounds in cannabis are not water-soluble, so to infuse them into a liquid, they must be dissolved into these solvents mentioned above.

The process of making a tincture is quite simple if we look at it, like dissolving tea or sugar in water. Solids are broken down by the solvent and transferred in liquid form to the resulting solution. All trichomes, cannabinoids, oils, and terpenes are dissolved and suspended in the tincture solution, which the user will later quickly ingest or administer.

Properties, Benefits & Effects Of Tinctures

Photo by Benjamin Branding / Adobe Stock Photo

There are plenty of benefits associated with cannabis tinctures. Primarily, I believe the most important ones are the ease to control the dosage of tincture you take, the speed at which effects are felt and how long these last, and that this method is discreet. Another great property of a tincture is that it has a long shelf life if stored properly. Remember, cannabis products need to be stored in a cool and dark place. 

There are THC and CBD tinctures, so you can have a user experience that greatly resembles that of smoking or taking an edible. If you wanted to achieve a psychoactive high with a tincture, you’d be able to quickly, and as such, if you’re only looking for the medicinal properties, there’s always that option too. 

With as much research and propper insight as we have today regarding weed, tinctures are back to being a competitive solution for those who want to consume flower but not smoke. And, as I previously stated, tinctures are also better or easier to assimilate for some, so maybe take a test run and see if these are your thing. 

Cannabis tinctures have the same effects and benefits as other forms of consumption. Some of these expected effects will be great when dealing with anxiety, chronic pain, psychosis, inflammation, nausea, and the many others that follow. 

Another critical aspect of any form of consumption is the time it will take to feel the effects after administration, or what we call onset. It is known that smoking or any inhaled intake of cannabis has the fastest onset and that oral intake will be the slowest. Tinctures have a mid-range onset where peak effects may kick in around fifteen minutes after ingestion.

Side Effects Of Tinctures

Of course, when we talk about a cannabis product, we expect to have a couple of side effects. However, these, in my opinion, are pretty manageable and entirely outweighed by the benefits. Take into account that with the preciseness of a tincture, you will control the dosage better. As such, you might experience effects that will vary according to your consumption.

It will come down to the sort of tincture you consume; if you go and acquire or make a THC tincture, you will expect those same side effects as if you were smoking, like paranoia, the munchies, and sleepiness. CBD tinctures also produce the same effects as CBD products; you should expect some dry mouth, appetite changes, fatigue, etc.

How To Consume Tinctures

Photo by Octave / Adobe Stock Photo

Tinctures are absorbed into the body by a process called osmosis. This means that the molecules of the solution (ethanol and the chemicals provided by the cannabis) pass through a semipermeable membrane, from a less concentrated solution to a more concentrated one at the other side of a membrane.

What in heaven’s name does this mean, and where do I get a membrane? Maybe I should have started by saying that tinctures are meant to be administered sublingually, under the tongue where we have an artery! The rapid absorption of the tincture into the bloodstream will mean we avoid the digestive process and have a quicker route to the brain. 

By eliminating the need to digest the tincture, this won’t come in contact with the stomach acids like other edibles do, so most of the chemical compounds from cannabis will remain more complete and readily available for the body’s use.

Sublingual administration of herbal tinctures is a common practice and one that allows rapid absorption, discreet consumption, and less hassle. Tinctures are convenient. They are sometimes preferred due to the user’s needs and health conditions.

Why Take Tinctures?

Tinctures are chosen or prescribed most of the time because the user may not take well to other ways of consuming cannabis. As previously stated, tinctures eliminate two main processes needed for most other forms of cannabis, digestion or smoking.

The osmotic process of sublingual administration is ideal because of its quickly available and fast-acting properties. Patients with gastrointestinal or pulmonary conditions will benefit from the cannabis without the added strain on their systems. 

Although there are no conclusive studies that link cannabis smoke to any form of cancer, some users still prefer to stray away from the possibly harmful properties of smoke. Others keep away from the smoke because, even if cannabis is perhaps one of the least toxic and most beneficial substances out there, it is a known fact that it may be one of the least discreet ones to consume. 

Tinctures that allow discrete and secretive consumption that will be absorbed in high velocity is quickly available for the body and will not strain or bother the lungs or stomach. If I can have a user experience that is equally powerful to any other form of consumption and is as simple as two drops under my tongue, I want that.

There’s the benefit of trial and error when it comes to user experiences and different consumption methods. You can give tinctures a roll, take a couple of drops under the tongue and measure your experience. You can go from there and see if tinctures are your thing and if the dosage is correct for you.

October 06, 2021 — Last Updated October 07, 2021
Written by Seb Jaramillo
October 06, 2021 — Last Updated October 07, 2021
Written by Seb Jaramillo
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