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Learn | 11.12.2021

Why This Cannabis Solventless Extract Is A Top Contender

Trying out Lume's solventless Gold Label.

Michigan-based Lume Cannabis Co. is changing the game right before our eyes. Lume’s knowledgeable and helpful team of cannabis connoisseurs aligns each plant’s unique benefits to the state of being and the effect they offer.

Their website easily allows the consumer to select a feeling they want to experience, and from there, find a wide range of products that will do the job.

It’s safe to say that the team at Lume are eager go-getters, striving to experience all things cannabis to their full potential. Lume’s is well known for producing some of the best quality concentrates and flowers on the market.

The company has nothing to hide regarding their cultivation space and how they grow their plants. Lume’s proprietary flower strains are exclusively hand grown, and the company goes out of its way to change its lineup of strains from their homeland Michigan and beyond.

It’s without a doubt that Lume is leading the way for stunning showcases of premium to grow techniques and plant science to create the best of modern cannabis.

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Photo courtesy of Lume

Their state-of-the-art grow facilities and world-class expertise allows them to not only nurture their plants with THC, but the company proudly states that their Lume Cultivated line yields the top quality and variety of flower in the nation.

Not only this, but each strain is bred with exceptional genetics from famous kick-ass lineages. Bluntly, Lume wouldn’t sell anything they wouldn’t use themselves.

In one of the company’s most innovative and beneficial ventures yet, they’ve decided to make superior solventless extracts specifically made for cannabis connoisseurs by cannabis connoisseurs. Lume’s solventless extracts are yielded from their plants’ reserve harvest and extracted organically with care.

One thing you can rely on Lume for is their avoidance of chemicals and compounds.

Their extraction process is 100% solventless and derived from the freshest frozen flower to keep the rich terpenes and trichomes intact at harvest.

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One of our favorite products by Lume is from their Gold Label line, Jenny Kush Live Rosin Cart. This oil cartridge comes over 80% THC, so it doesn’t leave you feeling disoriented but relaxed, rejuvenated, and lifted into a positive state of mind. This concentrate is a clean full flower extract of the highest quality, purity, and potency.

This impeccable extract offers more flavor than we thought a vape cartridge could. This particular concentrate is made from Lume’s top quality and fresh frozen cannabis and is treated in an ice water wash to produce bubble hash, which is later heat pressed into liquid Live Rosin.

What sets this product apart from other concentrates is that it’s 100% solventless and comes with the strongest potency, so it should go without saying that consumers are getting their money’s worth.

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