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Learn | 04.20.2023

Meet BRĒZ, The Future Of Cannabis

The cannabis-infused social tonics at BRĒZ are changing the game.

There are endless ways to consume cannabis. While some consumption methods are healthier than others, many cannabis users opt for smoking because it’s the fastest, most traditional way to experience the plant’s benefits.

Let’s face it; smoking isn’t all that discreet. It also gradually damages the lungs with impurities, toxins, and tar, which may lead to more serious conditions down the line. In the age of legalization, innovative companies have introduced many ways to consume cannabis that are still fun, delicious, social, and conscious of overall health.

Meet BRĒZ, the future of cannabis. This brand has created a social cannabis-infused beverage unlike anything you’ve ever seen, err, sipped. There’s one special ingredient responsible for the wildly upbeat and social effects of BRĒZ’s beverages: lion’s mane.

Read on to learn more about BRĒZ and their delicious and spunky cannabis-infused beverages.

Fun In A Can

After one sip of BRĒZ’s cannabis-infused social tonics, the sun shines brighter, the sky looks sharper, and the world seems rose-colored. This is pure fun in a can, and it was designed to help you plunge into the moment, not escape it.

BRĒZ’s beverages are launching on April 20, a special day for our community. It’s the perfect time to stock up on a beverage that could potentially change the game for your cannabis consumption.

These social tonics are not only effective in producing positive and social effects, but they’re federally legal too. That’s because BRĒZ uses hemp-derived THC and CBD, which still produce the mentally-relaxing and rejuvenating effects these cannabinoids are known for.

However, BRĒZ also uses one special ingredient to ensure the effects remain unmatched by any other cannabis-infused beverage on the market: lion’s mane.

It’s a nano beverage, meaning the effects of THC, CBD, and lion’s mane kick in within minutes. At first, the lion’s mane takes effect, producing positive and social feelings great for celebrating with your best buds or cracking a cold one during the family barbeque.

From there, the THC and CBD begin producing their giggly and relaxing effects, to which there are no anxiety thanks to the stress-reliving lion’s mane. The result is general happiness with increased social awareness, clarity, and calm.

One BRĒZ beverage is equal to 1 alcoholic drink, with a 5-10 minute onset of effects that wear off in just under an hour. See how you can get BRĒZ’s cannabis-infused social tonics below.

Where To Find BRĒZ

BRĒZ ships their beverages to 40/50 states. Better yet, they ship directly to your door.

The beverages are launching on April 20. If placing an order on launch day, expect your drinks to come knockin’ from April 27 to May 5. These beverages are changing the game for cannabis users nationwide, introducing new, upbeat effects perfect for the next rager or a Sunday gathering with the family.

For more information about BRĒZ, visit their website at

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