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Learn | 04.12.2021

Meet CLSICS: Enjoy Rosin Socially

High-tech extraction has reached its summit: full-spectrum solventless rosin infused pre-rolls. This innovation is the work of the San Diego-based brand CLSICS. Here's everything you should know about them. Created with CLSICS.

Like the T-Rex and the Killer Whale after it, the apex predator of the cannabis world is here. But it’s not here to eat you alive, rather, it’s here to keep you feeling alive.

High-tech cannabis extraction has reached the summit and has never been ‘higher’ than it is with full-spectrum rosin by CLSICS, the first brand to make it to market with solventless rosin pre-rolls

Rosin infused pre-rolls have quickly made their way into the head stash of cannabis enthusiasts and CLSICS is leading the way with their top-shelf products featuring unique terpene profiles that deliver on a connoisseur level.


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Photo courtesy of CLSICS

A California-based cannabis brand with deep San Diego roots that is committed to producing solventless products to be enjoyed socially.

Why socially?

Cannabis is meant to bring people together, to create community, and to aid you in living a fulfilling happy life; that means following your naturally developed social instincts. CLSICS makes carefully crafted rosin that has been pressed to perfection, with the intention of accomplishing precisely that.

Cannabis concentrates have become more than just mere consumables. The process that makes them possible is, in many ways, art.

Rosin is the most natural representation of that art form, and CLSICS makes it easy to integrate it into your natural lifestyle through professionally rolled and packaged, full-spectrum rosin-infused pre-rolls.

The Beauty Of The Pre-Roll

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Photo courtesy of CLSICS

CLSICS pre-rolls are handcrafted for an on-the-go rosin experience. By applying an accurate and consistent rosin dose to your pre-roll, CLSICS ensures that you get the most convenient rosin experience in the market today.

You’re no longer bound to cumbersome dab rigs that chain you to your living room. With rosin-infused pre-rolls, there is absolutely no need for a battery or any other vaping device.

That said:

Terpenes are the building blocks of the flower’s natural aromas and flavors, without them, there is no diesel, or pineapple, or citrus, or any weed flavor/scent you can think of. High-quality rosin is one that pays tribute to the plant’s naturally occurring terpenes. 

Here’s how the CLSICS rosin quality makes sure that the attributes of terpenes are appreciated.

The ART Of Rosin

The evolution of cannabis concentrates over the years has been propelled by those seeking to reach the purest representation of the plant possible. Live rosin is the apex of this endeavor eliminating solvents from the extraction process completely. Also known as a solventless process, the recipe for rosin is cannabis, ice, water, heat & pressure. Nothing more, nothing less.

A process that makes for an unbelievably natural product. However simple, Rosin is also flexible. It can be obtained from a wide variety of different raw materials that include flowers, kief, and bubble hash.

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Photo courtesy of CLSICS

The process CLSICS uses to make their live rosin extract is transparent and straight forward:

  1. Carefully curated strain-specific cannabis harvested by professionals
  2. The cannabis is then immediately frozen upon harvest to preserve its unique profile.
  3. The fresh-frozen cannabis is “washed” in an ice water bath and gently agitated to separate the trichome heads from the plant matter.
  4. The trichome heads are then collected and freeze-dried to reach optimal humidity levels.  
  5. Once the trichome heads are dried, it’s packed into small filter bags then placed into a parchment paper envelope and into the rosin press where specific temperature and pressure levels are applied until the trichome heads turn to oil and begin to escape the filter bag onto the parchment paper.
  6. The rosin is collected from the parchment paper and cured to achieve the consistency desired.

The CLSICS Rosin-Infused Pre-Roll

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Photo courtesy of CLSICS

CLSICS offers 3 different formats of rosin-infused joints:

  1. Single 0.7 g Rosin-Infused Pre-Roll: Comes in a single joint box and brings 0.7 g of combined weight from finely ground flower and rosin extract. 0.5 g of the highest quality and extremely fresh flower with 0.2 g of equally rosin.
  2. Single 1.3 g Rosin-Infused Pre-Roll: Like the single 0.7 g rosin infused pre-roll, this item comes in a single joint box and brings a combined weight of 1.3 g  containing 0.3 g of rosin to 1 g of carefully paired cannabis.
  3. 4-Pack 0.7 g Rosin-Infused Pre-Rolls: 4-packs bring a total of 4 rosin pre-rolls for those who know that rosin is far from a one-time thing.

Distillate vs Solventless Concentrates?

Every day more and more cannabis enthusiasts are stepping away from consuming concentrates extracted with butane. This is not only because of the potential health implications but also due to the emergence of incredible products being produced without solvents.

Solventless extracts have now rivaled and surpassed the flavor profiles once thought to only be achievable through butane extraction and CLSICS continues to push the envelope.

If you’ve been around cannabis enough, then chances are you’ve been around concentrates and dab rigs. If you haven’t then here’s the 101 on both of them:

Cannabis Concentrates

These are finished products made with extracts obtained from the cannabis plant (marijuana or hemp). They don’t look like traditional dry herb that you could roll into a joint and smoke on a whim. 

Concentrates are sap-like substances that vary in their consistency. Each type of concentrate has a different texture, density, and hardness. You have ‘crumbles’ which are, well,  crumbly and look almost like a ground-up cookie. Then you have ‘shatters’ that look like broken glass. 

The list goes on and on until you reach Rosin. The most natural form of concentrate available to date.

Dab Rigs

When they first made an appearance in the market, concentrates could not be consumed in many different ways. Originally, we had oil rigs. A bong-like waterpipe with a bowl that was heated with a blow torch and used to evaporate concentrates (or oils as some would call them).

This is far from the reality that we live in today. Oil rigs are still around but slowly becoming a thing of the past. New techniques/devices used to consume rosin and other cannabis concentrates have come to light. Vape pens, electric oil rigs, and CLSICS rosin pre-rolls are the ultimate model of this new age of concentrate consumption.

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