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Meet dosist’s all-new dose pen rechargeable

A device with dosist's signature targeted formulas and precision, now rechargeable for added convenience, flexibility, and sustainability. Created with dosist.

The new dose pen rechargeable. Photo courtesy of dosist.

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If you’re a true vape pen enthusiast, then you probably know dosist. This California-based brand was founded with a mission to create the first cannabis products based on the science behind the plant. Through simple, precise, and effect-based pens, dosist has managed to make a name for itself as one of the most prominent brands in the industry.

Their innovative dose-controlled devices revolutionized how we consume cannabis by introducing target-oriented disposable vape pens with precisely formulated dosages for all uses. And now, dosist has announced the latest addition to its product portfolio: the new dose pen rechargeable.


The dose pen rechargeable is dosist’s latest exclusive innovation that provides you with a rechargeable, sustainable, and flexible experience. Maintaining dosist’s signature targeted formulas and precise dosages, the new dose pen rechargeable now offers the possibility to have everything in one simple, easy to use, top quality rechargeable device.

The dose pen rechargeable is an easy system.  Simply combine the dose controller with any formula pod (sold separately) and the dose pen rechargeable has everything you love from dosist in an improved, innovative, multiple-use device.

The dose controller

The dose controller (now available for an exclusive introductory offer – see below for details) is a custom-built rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a microcontroller unit engineered for precision dose control. Featuring an intelligent battery management system, the latest generation flex circuit technology, a ceramic wick for faster oil saturation, and a medical-grade stainless steel coil for even heating, the dose controller is built for long-lasting performance. 

The formula pod

The formula pod is made from medical-grade materials and holds 500mg (200 doses) of dosist’s targeted formula cannabis oil. The formula pod works exclusively with the dose controller, attaching to it through a custom magnetic hold comprised of 24 karat gold-plated electrical contacts. This technology allows for the most powerful, consistent, and reliable power connection possible. 

Unparalleled precision

Photo courtesy of dosist.

dosist’s commitment to precision and proprietary dose-controlled devices would not be possible without the premium materials and next-generation technology that they employ in all their products. The dose pen rechargeable has no buttons, no controls. To use it, just inhale slowly and steadily through its mouthpiece until the pen vibrates. The pen will automatically shut off, and you’ll get a 2.5mg dose of your chosen formula. Every formula pod lasts for 200 doses, delivering a precise 2.5mg dose every single time.

New targeted formulas

dosist’s innovations don’t stop at the dose pen rechargeable. The brand has also released a new range of formulas, thc-plus by dosist, bringing consumers 3 new high-potency formulas designed for targeted thc-forward experiences. dosist’s formula range provides a full spectrum of options. From the CBD-leaning calm that soothes your mind and body to the THC-prominent arouse thc-plus that elevates your mood and stimulates your mind.

Photo courtesy of dosist.

There’s a formula for every user and every moment. dosist’s formula pods are available in its core formulas: bliss, sleep (rest in Canada), calm, relief (soothe in Canada), and arouse, and the more potent THC-plus formulas: bliss thc-plus, arouse thc-plus, and relax-thc-plus.

Quality and safety

dosist is fully committed to protecting its consumers through precise dose-controlled devices and targeted formulas. That’s why all dosist products comply with the most rigorous testing requirements, and never use any cutting agents. Every single batch of their formulas is thoroughly tested multiple times for harmful chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic agents. This way, dosist ensures that everything they sell is safe, precise, and pure before going to market. To check your product’s lab results, go to the Lab Results section on their website, and enter the batch number. 

Experience the dose pen rechargeable system

The all-new dose pen rechargeable system is available at dosist partner locations, authorized retailers and delivery services throughout the US  and Canada. Find the nearest authorized retailer at dosist.com (US) and dosist.ca (Canada). 

As a special introductory offer, the dose controller is now available for $10 (regular MSRP $29) in the US and $20 (regular MSRP $40) in Canada at participating retailers.

September 28, 2020 — Last Updated January 22, 2021
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September 28, 2020 — Last Updated January 22, 2021

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