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Learn | 01.24.2022

Meet Kay Spence: Dancer, Digital Creator, & Vape User

This young woman's compelling story was a must-share. Created with TOQi.

Aside from producing the best cannabis vapes in the nation, the leading 510 retailer TOQi creates episodes of what’s called LOCAL CRAFTS. These episodes help us get to know more about the people using TOQi’s renowned products and their compelling, inspirational, and artistic stories.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Kay Spence from LOCAL CRFTS episode 2. Spence (@startswithakay) is a Dancer, and Digital Creator focussed on her many crafts. Cannabis has played a vital role in Spence’s life for creativity and healing, and we’re happy to share her inspirational story.

The tale begins with Kay Spence’s loving, supportive, and encouraging parents that taught her discipline and drive. Fast forward to today, a 27-year-old Spence has become the best version of herself.

Photo courtesy of TOQi

When she was 12, Kay auditioned to be in a full-time ballet program but unfortunately learned that “If you don’t fit the mold they’ve created for the ballet world… that’s as far as you go,” notes Spence on TOQi’s LOCAL CRAFTS episode 2.

Because of these emotional experiences, Spence decided to create her very first organization dubbed Fly Away, a self-esteem-driven campaign dedicated to helping young women form a positive relationship with themself.

This way, Spence hopes to help women understand the true meaning of beauty through the power of the arts.

Although she’s faced some hardships with ballet in her younger years, Kay still loves dancing and uses it to build up the women around her to create a sense of peace.

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It wasn’t until 2017 that her life changed forever. Spence was selected to participate in Miss Universe Canada, which had her training, eating well, and feeling like the best version of herself.

Unfortunately, that all changed when Kay was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Pulling out of the competition as a result of her condition, Kay’s world was falling apart a the seams, and she decided to turn to the one thing she had complete control over, dance.

Spence danced her heart out and used the arts as a vehicle to channel her feelings, fears, and anxieties.

While enduring chemotherapy, Spence relied on meditation, CBD oil for sleep, and cannabis for nausea. With her family and close friends by her side, Spence finally began to feel like herself once again.

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