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MJ Arsenal Is Where Innovation, Affordability, And Function Combine

This glass brand is on a mission to elevate the ordinary.

Is your glass living up to your expectations? As unfortunate as it is, purchasing expensive glass bongs and rigs doesn’t always mean they’ll perform to your liking. Not all glass is created equal.

What if we told you that downsizing is actually upgrading? By that, we mean using smaller rigs and bongs for maximum performance and flavor. By condensing the smoke’s travel path, smaller pieces bring out the utmost flavors within your herb and concentrates.

Add water filtration to the mix, and you’ve got yourself the piece you’ve been dreaming of. That’s where MJ Arsenal comes in, the makers of small yet mighty glass bongs, rigs, and bubblers, designed to elevate your smoke sessions with smooth draws and mouthwatering flavors.

Read on to learn more about MJ Arsenal and a few of their celebrated pieces.

Behind The Brand

When you’re looking for glass that makes a difference, check out MJ Arsenal. This glass brand is eager to create new and unique pieces, unlike anything you’ve seen or experienced. The company stands by their three pillars to success:

  • Innovation
  • Affordability
  • Functionality

When combined, you get the best bongs and rigs on the market. MJ Arsenal is eager to help all consumers elevate their smoking experience with small yet mighty pieces that maximize flavor.

Based in Denver, Colorado, MJ Arsenal takes pride in pushing the boundaries of glass while emphasizing functionality with each piece. The smaller the glass, the less room for flavors to dissipate, meaning each hit is as mouthwatering as the last.

Check out a few of the impressive pieces from MJ Arsenal below.

King Bubbler

All hail the King. For consumers who prefer rolling joints and sparking up, this bubbler is for you. In fact, it works with most rolled products.

This small yet functional bubbler comes in a sleek pyramid shape and fits in the palm of your hand. Simply place your roll into the designated slot, and spark up!

Inhale from the King Bubbler’s mouthpiece and experience water filtration with your favorite rolls. The result is clean, epic flavors and smooth draws.

Saturn Mini Water Pipe

Ever seen a mini bong like this before? MJ Arsenal is proud to highlight one of the most extraordinary sights in our solar system with this beautiful and spacey piece. Inspired by the rings of Saturn, the Saturn Mini Water Pipe features everything you need in a bong:

  • Superb functionality
  • Visual aesthetics
  • Affordability

The Saturn is praised for its smooth and flavorful draws, thanks to the pipe squeezing each hit through a ring of water. The result is a cool, smooth, and flavorful smoking experience you won’t find elsewhere.

Cache Mini Water Pipe Jar

For effortless bong hits, opt for the Cache Mini Water Pipe Jar. This is a flower-focused piece that was designed to add a dash of convenience to your smoke sessions.

This small yet powerful bong features a dainty storage jar attached to the bong’s base, designed to store your ground herb so it’s always ready for a hit. Besides storage, the Cache Mini Water Pipe Jar is shaped like a typical beaker bong for a hint of familiarity while remaining completely authentic.

Remember, a smaller bong means more flavor, and with added water filtration, that’s smooth, cool, and flavorful hits every single time. Get yours now and experience cannabis the MJ Arsenal way.

For more products and information about MJ Arsenal, visit their website at mjarsenal.com.

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