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Ooze Magma Review: Pros, Cons & Best Features

Here's everything that you should know about this versatile e-rig.

As an upgrade to all of previous e-rigs and e-nails, this kit has it all. It includes vaporizers of various sizes, coils, nails, and replacements for everything you need to make your vaping experience exactly as you want it.

There are many reasons to choose this modern glass implement. It is hand-blown, frosted by a 9-stage process, and equipped with an e-glass connector. This implement also has a carb hole on the left, giving you more control over the amount of smoke you inhale.

Main Aspects

Photo courtesy of Ooze

The Ooze Magma E-Nail Kit allows you to use your portable torch anywhere. You don’t have to compromise functionality while on the go; they engineered performance into their products, so you don’t have to sacrifice performance for portability.

The Ooze Magma E-Nail is a state-of-the-art electronic nail and wickless e-rig. It features a 2900mAh battery with four preset temperature control settings. In addition, it comes with functional magnetic glass joints that are compatible with premium 14/19 and 18/22 glass brands.

It was carefully designed with all your needs in mind by a team of engineers, medical professionals, and artists. They came together to develop the perfect E-rig and nail, hearkening back to the days of black-tie medical labs and tool kit artists.

Structure And Durability

The Ooze Magma is an innovative vaporizer using high-quality components to deliver excellent performance. The device combines the experience of a traditional dab rig with the safety of torch-less vaping technology.

The Magma is not only significantly more durable than its competitors, but it can also handle larger screens without a problem. The stand will turn into a full-featured freestanding speaker by adding a single accessory, and users are no longer tied to the wall when they want to use it while traveling.

Temperature Range

When using concentrates like wax and oil, it’s essential to learn the right temperature to vaporize them. The effects of such concentrates are a lot more potent than dry herbs and require a little extra care.

The Magma Vaporizer has different temperature settings that utilize a dual heating chamber for your herbal blends. The first three temperature settings are precisely calibrated to ignite your blends in 572°F, 662°F, 752°F degrees, respectively. The last temperature setting is 842°F for your waxy concentrates.

The first temperature profile focuses on the extraction of terpenes. This is an essential step for two reasons. First, terpenes are responsible for cannabis’s signature smell and taste, which helps to distinguish its variety by type and origin. Second, terpenes act like a booster that enhances THC’s effects on the body.

For the maximum level of aromatherapy, we recommend starting at a lower temperature. At these low temperatures, your material will exude flavor. By going slow and top hands-free pouch best storage for weed, you can experience the potent pain-relieving effects of cannabis.

Picking the right temperature level is a must when you vape. The right temperature level will depend on the kind of wax you are vaping. If your wax solidifies and becomes sticky at a low temperature, it would be better to vape it at higher levels. 

If your wax liquefies at low temperatures, but it develops clouds of vapor at higher levels of heat, then you should vape your wax at a lower temperature level.

Ease Of Use & Versatility

Photo courtesy of Ooze

Ooze’s Magma E-Nail offers a convenient solution to enjoying concentrates. Its slim, lightweight design includes a memory feature to save settings for your preferred vaporization sessions. 

It’s simple. With a Magma vaporizer, you can set the exact temperature, and your device stays on that temperature until you decide to change it. Also, the Magma vaporizer has an auto shut off feature that turns off your battery 60 seconds after being idle.

It’s no secret that cannabis helps amplify the effects of a night – which might not be good when you have things to do the following day. The relaxation you feel from cannabis will help you slow down and take your time. 

With the Magma, you can enjoy your favorite aromatherapy and essential oils with both comfort and convenience. You can use it with a wide variety of whip attachments or with your existing glass.

First, remove the top of your Ooze Magma chamber and fill it with your wax. Then grab the smart attachment with one hand and press on the side of the tube with the other. 

Screw on a glass attachment and press five times to turn it on to use the Magma. When it’s powered up, screw it on to an attachment of your choice. Pack your herb in the heating chamber, plug the magnetic charger into any USB port, wait twenty seconds, and you’re ready to vape.

To operate the device, press the power key five times to turn on and select your desired heat or vapor level by pressing + or –.

Pressing the fire button once after entering the temperature will lock it in place with a click (this whole process might take a bit of getting used to). You can then press the fire button again to vape. This is certainly unique compared to other devices on the market but will be familiar in no time.

Final Words

If you need to replace your old rig or e-nail, this complete set will make your vaping experience so much more satisfying. Designed to make it easy to enjoy smoking at home, the Ooze Magma is a superbly portable bubbler.

Its lightweight design makes it extremely easy to carry, and the beautifully crafted borosilicate glass water bubbler has a high-quality borosilicate glass connector. Enjoying the best experiences is now easy!

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