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Organic CBD Gummies: Why They’re Better Than Regular Gummies

The healthier you dose, the better you’ll feel. Created with Cornbread Hemp. 

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the many chemical compounds found in cannabis and hemp. CBD has been under constant research due to its medical properties, and this is why it is so essential to get products that source their CBD from clean, organic plants.

One of the many advantages of CBD is that it is nonpsychoactive, which means you will not get the head-heavy effects associated with THC. Medical patients can use this cannabinoid because of its safety and many of the pleasant effects and benefits it brings.

What Is Cornbread Hemp?

Photo courtesy of Cornbread Hemp

Eric and Jim, the cousins who created this brand, saw a need to become the first USDA organic CBD oils from Kentucky grown hemp. No companies were making high-quality, full-spectrum CBD products; thus, Cornbread Hemp was born with a mission.

Many companies that produce and distribute CBD love using the whole plant for their extractions, but Cornbread Hemp knows that flower only is the way to go. Not only is it more practical to use just the flower for the extraction of CBD, but the user will get a cleaner, richer user experience as well.

Their mission is straightforward yet powerful: Cornbread Hemp wants to improve your quality of life. Their products are designed for the user to enjoy the profound benefits of CBD, and it comes from a tremendous 250-year-old Kentucky hemp tradition.

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What Does Organic Mean?

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There are many interpretations of the word organic, and there was a massive wave of people and companies that took advantage of the organic boom to succeed. However, there’s an actual difference between ‘’organic’’ and USDA Organic certified. 

Cornbread Hemp has their complete process certified by the USDA as organic, meaning from soil to oil. That’s an impressive feat they accomplish by being conscious and thorough through and through.

Photo courtesy of Cornbread Hemp

It’s a well-known fact that companies try to make production cheaper and faster, forcing the consumer to settle for less. Cornbread Hemp’s founders saw the opportunity to strive for high-quality CBD products made with just the flower and with a clean, careful process that will benefit the user.

There are no rules or regulations to back the use of the word ‘’organic’’ or, for that matter, any of the many other ways of putting it. The USDA does have a complete certification program that companies can take advantage of to show off!

Before 2019 all hemp was ‘’organically-grown’’ because there were no approved pesticides in hemp cultivation. But after the EPA approved a total of 59 different pesticides since December 2019, there is but one way to know if a product is organic, and it has the USDA Organic seal. 

What Are The USDA Organic Seal Standards?

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The fundamental difference between claiming a product is ‘’organic’’ and being USDA certified Organic is passing a scrutinous poke from the USDA to meet their standards. The United States Department of Agriculture is strict!

First, products cannot be grown with synthetic pesticides, and to be precise: there has to be documented evidence of at least three years of pesticide-free farming practices, plus lab tests to confirm the soil is pesticide-free. 

Second, the soil cannot have any synthetic fertilizers. Since hemp is a natural bio-accumulator, it is crucial to test for contaminants that hemp often absorbs. Cornbread Hemp sees that the farmers supplement the soil with nutrients and use natural pest repellants like praying mantises and ladybugs. 

The USDA also checks that regenerative agricultural practices are met and respected to minimize and mitigate potential risk factors from over-exploiting the soil.

A product also needs to comply with 95% or certified organic ingredients for CBD oils and edibles, meaning everything from the extraction process to the carrier oil must be USDA certified organic.

Finally, the USDA requires an annual facility inspection that checks production, warehousing, and distribution. These inspections guarantee that all requirements set by the USDA are met.

Cornbread Hemp USDA Organic CBD Gummies

Photo courtesy of Cornbread Hemp

These organic berry gummies taste, look, feel, and smell amazing! Cornbread Hemp packs 30 premium, high-quality, vegan CBD gummies in a sexy bottle that comes in two different strength variations, 300 mg or 1,500 mg of CBD per bottle. 

Many CBD brands claim to use “natural” practices and may call their CBD oil “organic” while dumping chemicals on their hemp crops because it’s perfectly legal for them to do so. 

If a CBD product isn’t USDA certified organic, it has not been tested and regulated as an organic product. Cornbread Hemp’s full spectrum certified organic CBD gummies are made with USDA organic blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and USDA organic, whole-flower CBD from Kentucky grown Bluegrass hemp!

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Benefits Of Organic CBD Extracts

Photo courtesy of Cornbread Hemp

Organic CBD is used to treat many symptoms and ailments of the mind and the body. Many of the effects CBD produces in the body have been shown to relieve or treat various conditions and diseases. There are also some effects of CBD that fortunately benefit the user when in treatments or procedures for several diseases.

Research has shown that CBD can treat symptoms of anxiety and depression, which have become common nowadays. Studies have shown that CBD can significantly reduce anxiety while the user remains free of adverse effects.

CBD extracts have some anti-tumor effects, which speed up the death of tumor cells such as leukemia or colon cancer. According to research, organic CBD oil can be used by patients to relieve pain and treat epilepsy.

It can significantly reduce pain and inflammation and has no adverse side effects.

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