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Learn | 07.27.2021

What’s Up With Those Organic Pre-Rolled Cones With Flavored Filter Tips?

Every cannabis consumer expects to be able to purchase products that cater specifically to their needs; this includes flavor, size, potency, and product category. Here's a pre-roll that allows you to do just that. Created with King Palm.

Every product you could think of in the cannabis industry is getting better and better with every new version of it that comes out. Pre-rolls are one of those products that seemingly could not get any better, but in fact, companies like King Palm continue to surprise and prove us wrong.

Making hand-rolled cones made using organically grown leaves that provide a slower burn. Which is in itself a characteristic of the good ol’ blunt. However, King Palm pre-rolled cones hit like a blunt without the tobacco or nicotine content that goes with a traditional blunt.

But even that is not the latest innovation seen in pre-rolls.

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, so do customers. And the evolution of the frequent cannabis consumer seems to be oriented towards the full customization of products. 

That means:

Every cannabis consumer expects to be able to purchase products that cater specifically to their needs; this includes flavor, size, potency, and product category.

The Next Step In The Evolution Of Pre-Rolls

When talking about pre-roll customization, it’s inevitable to first allude to flavored rolling papers. These are an incredibly attractive product for people who roll their own joints and are not satisfied with the natural flavor or scent of the strain they’re using.


Flavored rolling papers promise more than they deliver. Or at least that’s been our experience. Flavored rolling papers usually have a pretty solid smell and in most cases tend to make the smoking experience more pleasant, but the flavor itself is not enhanced as you might expect.


Photo courtesy of King Palm

Cannabis has a pretty strong herbal taste and pushing those flavors to a secondary level is not an easy feat to accomplish. Rolling papers that are either sprayed with or dipped in flavorful extracts are the most potent in the market, but even then they are not as high-quality as they could be because this way they become too overpowering and completely hide the flavor of your strain. Which is something that you don’t want to happen either.

In other words:

It’s hard to find a way to add flavor to your pre-roll without it being too weak or too strong. But that’s a problem you will not run into when using flavored filter tips.

Flavored Rolling Papers vs. Filter Tips With Terpenes

When comparing flavored rolling papers vs. filtered tips with terpenes we’ve noticed a clear advantage of flavored filter tips when it comes to paying respect to the natural flavors and scents of your cannabis strain.

That’s why King Palm has decided to make their pre-rolled cones with flavored filter tips instead of flavored rolling papers. But how are filter tips able to exceed what’s expected of flavored rolling papers?

Photo courtesy of King Palm

By having the flavors inside the tip you get to control exactly when you want a different flavor to hit your palate instead of having to feel it as soon as you light your joint. Flavored filter tips are items that pop when you squeeze them, and only then is the new flavor activated.

By having the flavors on the tip instead of the entire joint or bling, the smoking experience becomes much more customizable, and in return, much more enjoyable.

Wrapping Up

Filtered tips are more than flavored rolling papers because they provide a highly customizable smoking experience and allow you to choose when and for how long you want to alter the flavor of the strain you used to roll your joint. By using a rolling tray, King Palm flavored filter tips, and any rolling paper, you’re able to customize your joint’s flavor exactly as you expect it to taste.

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