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Learn | 02.24.2023

Organic Positioning In The Cannabis Industry

If you are in the cannabis industry, organic positioning is key to your marketing strategy

The cannabis industry, like all other industries, needs marketing to achieve growth, reach new customers, and generally increase its reach.

Different factors come into play here, such as search engines, the use of backlinks, creating quality content, organic positioning, and much more. All these tools are part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Organic positioning is achieved from SEO, which is a series of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the number of visits to a website and seek to position itself at the top of the search engine results page, also called SERPs.

To position organically you have to take into account several factors of the cannabis marketing strategy, such as that the web has a lot of content and that it is of quality and original, but we will delve into the subject later.

What Is Organic Positioning

In marketing terminology, organic positioning or natural positioning is the place where a website appears among the unpaid search results of Google and other search engines when a user searches for a specific keyword, this is given through an SEO strategy, particularly focused on cannabis.

Organic SEO is when you don’t pay anything to appear in Google search. A good SEO-focused cannabis marketing strategy lets search engines know that your website and content are relevant to whoever is searching on the topic of cannabis.

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your cannabis website to appear at the top of search engine results without paying. It is an integral part of digital cannabis marketing as a comprehensive strategy.

To achieve this organic positioning you have to take into account different strategies such as:

  • Create and publish quality content

  • Have a website with a high authority domain, because the higher the authority of a website, the better it will be positioned naturally in organic search results.

  • Use keywords and update them as the target audience modifies its search language.

In general, it is about optimizing all elements of your cannabis website to make it more visible to search engines.

Building organic traffic to your cannabis business website is a long-term strategy, so it takes dedication in content creation, optimization, and also patience to see results.

The key to organic positioning is that you don’t pay for it, because you build it yourself from the SEO strategy focused on cannabis marketing from quality content and focused on your target audience.

How It Works In The Cannabis Industry

You already know that search engine optimization (SEO) consists of taking measures to help your cannabis website pages appear better ranked in search engine results pages (SERP).

Here we must make two important differentiations, there are two types of traffic you can attract to your website: organic and paid.

As the name suggests, paid traffic is any traffic that comes to your website as a result of a pay-per-click advertisement. On the other hand, organic traffic comes to your website after performing a search on a search engine, without the need for ads.

How does this work for the cannabis industry? Well, paid advertising on Google and other search engines are extremely difficult – almost impossible – for companies working in and with the cannabis industry, due to the amount of restrictions on the subject in different areas.

This is where organic traffic comes into play, which is crucial for building a brand and growing a cannabis business in the digital world.

In addition and although it may seem obvious, the better position in the search results, the more likely the user will click on your link and visit your brand’s website, which could eventually convert into sales for your cannabis brand.

Why It's Important When It Comes To Cannabis

Cannabis is a highly regulated industry at the federal level, some states, and even social media platforms and search engines themselves have their own regulations on the subject, which makes marketing a legal cannabis business a difficult task.

So, if you are looking to advertise your cannabis business online, you will face several hurdles along the way, as it is quite a regulated sector on all fronts, including search engines with paid advertisements.

So what to do? One of the best alternatives is organic SEO, which allows you to reach the top of the rankings in a natural way.

By implementing SEO strategies focused on cannabis you will ensure that your business will be seen by more potential customers looking for cannabis-related products or services.

Why is it important to have an organic positioning? Well, to receive more potential customers, gain brand awareness and credibility and boost your cannabis business in general.

How To Improve Organic Positioning

Optimizing your website for SEO is essential to increase visibility, attract more visitors and eventually achieve organic search engine rankings.

First of all, keep in mind that SEO does not work overnight – doubt strategies that give you immediate results-. Good SEO is a long-term strategy that requires several complex techniques to get a visible result.

To improve organic positioning it is necessary to strengthen the whole SEO strategy, which consists of different strategies individually considered, including

Technical SEO: Performing a technical audit and making it clear what works and what doesn’t within the website is an important first step. Make sure everything works as it should and is user-friendly.

Local SEO: Optimize strategies focused on a physical space or specific location. This improves the organic positioning of a cannabis brand when users search for keywords related to a specific search within a relevant surrounding location.

Keyword Research: Identify the target audience, how they search for products or services you offer, what questions they have, and how they approach cannabis brands similar to yours. Conduct market research and use your keywords. Remember that users perform increasingly complex searches, with longer phrases and even questions to which we are looking for a quick answer, be prepared to be the one who is there giving the solutions.

Content Optimization: Quality content is the hook that pages have with users, no one stays for mediocre or unattractive content. Here you must link keywords, quality content, and timely and natural backlinks.

Quality Link-Building: Link building should also be used to build a strong quality backlink profile. Google does not send organic traffic to pages that do not have good backlinks.

By using all these techniques on your website, you can make sure that the search engines index it correctly and rank it better in the SERPs.

With this you will be able to get more organic traffic to your cannabis website and improve your notoriety in the industry, thus improving your organic positioning.

Optimizing your website for cannabis SEO will also help you build trust with potential customers, as they can quickly find relevant information on your platform.

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