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Our Full Review Of Binoid’s THC-O Gummies

Let's dive deep into this fantastic lineup of potent THC-O treats from the LA-based brand.

Gummies are the royalty of cannabis edibles. They are a tasty treat that relieves the often intense flavor of the plant.

Instead, it is sugary sweet and leaves no odor behind. We know you love the juicy sensation of biting a gummy while the sugary flavor spreads all over your tongue.

It is impossible only to have one bite. Eating them is more memorable when they have a dose of THC to uplift your spirit.

About Binoid

Photo courtesy of Binoid

This brand combines the sun and soil of Oregon, veteran growers, and the best quality strains. These factors allow Binoid to produce a high concentration of hemp-derived cannabinoids.

This brand has a fantastic catalog of products with CBD, Delta 8 THC, and more. Their list of cannabinoids includes the king of potency THC-O.

These guys at Binoid have all their products lab-tested. That way, you know this brand is trustworthy. And that their products are harmless to your health.

Lab tests are also a way for them to improve their quality continuously. And, it is a good practice that gives the industry a good reputation. When

Binoid THC-O Gummies

Binoid THC-O gummies are as tasty as potent. Eating gummies is always a unique pleasure that puts us in a good mood. Imagine the rubberish texture and the sugary flavor of gummies.

They take over the senses when you try them, and when you remember the sensation, you want some of it. This experience now has the magical touch of THC-O and lots of heavy mental and physical highs.

Binoid’s packs of THC-O gummies have 20 gummies that contain 25 mg of THC-O each. It means that every pack has a total of 500 mg of THC-O. They are crazy potent, so don’t eat a whole gummy at once.

You better start slow and cautious, so eat half a gummy or less. It might sound like too little a piece, but its flavor and potency can strike you like a truck.

THC-O products are meant for experienced users that have developed tolerance to THC. If that is your case, you can stand the power of this cannabinoid. Even so, you must beware of the dose you consume to prevent undesired effects.

If you haven’t developed a significant tolerance, you should keep enjoying other cannabinoids. To use THC-O, you should have the recommendation of a health professional.


Binoid has gummies for all likes of flavors and effects. That is because they come from different strains. Strains change the flavor and effects of gummies so that you can choose which to try next.

They can be sweet as berries, citrus as lime, or plain sour. They are all tasty and their flavor is not that different from regular gummies.

But, don’t let it carry you away when eating. They are full of THC-O.

They can become your favorite next treat to eat in great moments or when you want to relax. You can use them before bed and kill that insomnia.

Try them when going on a social event and see how creative, confident, and talkative you will get.

Or, eat some when going out on an adventure as nature and cannabinoids always blend well. Each of them can make any moment more memorable.

Blueberry Pie

Blueberry Pie is an indica strain that delivers what it promises. It tastes like blueberries on your breakfast or a dessert.

You can see the juicy sensation of real blueberries in the soft and tasty bite of a gummy. And, it is as pleasant as eating a piece of the pie.

The taste can make you look forward while chewing the gummy, agree with your head and say, wow, this is amazing!

The immediate effect is an uplifting sensation. It makes you feel happy and optimistic, removing all bad vibes from your spirit. You feel motivated as if you were ready for a great adventure.

Still, these initial effects only last for some minutes. Your limbs feel heavy but pleasant, and the time seems to run slower. Then, the indica comes in, and your body feels calm and warm. It is the peace within you.

Piña Colada

That is how Piña Colada tastes like. It combines sweet tropical fruits with a citrus scent that spreads all over your tongue. Like a stream of pineapple juice, yellow and mild transparent falling into a glass to refresh you.

The pleasant tropical flavor stays for a while on your tongue. You can close your eyes and imagine the orange sun and the warm wind caressing your skin in front of the beach.

Piña Colada is a balanced hybrid which effects are strong on body and mind. The mental buzz is heavy and lasts for long.

This gummy puts you in a state of euphoria in which you feel blissful and active. It also activates your creativity, getting your ideas and words running in your head.

Your anxiety and stress disappear in a sea of chilling happiness. Your day becomes as bright as the yellow gummy.

Sour Cherry Lime

This is another balanced hybrid that uplifts your spirit while relaxing your body. The difference is the solid sour flavor that might be hard to take at first. But, it gets so pleasant while eating that it might become your favorite.

Sour Cherry Lime gummies have a robust taste of diesel with notes of cherries. If you are a fan of pungent flavors,  this will be your next treat to eat every morning next to your coffee.

The effects of Sour Cherry Lime start with a clam body buzz. They reduce the tension of your muscles and relieve pain. These gummies also help you get in a good mood and prevent mood swings.

These treats are an excellent option to start the morning. They get you in a motivated mood and give you the sensation of a strong body.

They are like a body and mental boost that makes you feel renewed once you try them.

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