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Learn | 12.29.2021

Our Full Review Of Matriarch’s Haven Box

Your stash will never be the same.

Where do you keep your weed and cannabis-related valuables?

I hope you’ve taken the time to learn about how to properly store and keep cannabis because you can for sure get a couple of years of shelf life out of your flower if you do this right.

Take a look at this Matriarch Haven Box review we put together so you can grab the coolest herb box available on the market.

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About Matriarch

Photo courtesy of Matriarch

Matriarch is a legendary brand that inspires consumers with its high-quality materials, and the premium design and builds of its products.

What I like the most about their line of products is how good they look, and that they are made with true design and intent so the consumer is satisfied with the product and the later use of the said product.

With that in mind, I am fascinated with the look and feel of the rolling trays and a box that the Matriarch brand carries.

Matriarch was born in 2019 from the passion and love towards cannabis, and their brand is inspired by the values of strength, leadership, and unity which they represent with their elephant logo which is neatly engraved in their products.

What is most interesting about the brand, perhaps, is the will to elevate and inspire the historic and traditional rituals of cannabis consumption with their high-end collection pieces.


Photo courtesy of Matriarch

The Matriarch Haven Box is a red oak decorative box that can fit all your cannabis-related goodies inside safely and discreetly.

The hinged lid has a geometric design that looks very cool but unfortunately limits the user because it does not allow anything to be stacked on top of the box.

The dark exterior contrasts beautifully with the light interior of this wooden box, and the engraved elephant on the inside of the lid is perhaps one of my favorite design elements of this piece.

This stash case is crafted from Northern Pennsylvania red oak and gives off notes of style and rusticity while being modern and sleek.

The box measures 8.5 x 6.5 x 3 inches and has ample room inside for you to keep your herb away from the sun, humidity, and unforeseen elements.


Photo courtesy of Matriarch

The Matriarch Haven has a neat asymmetrical hinged lid that closes with magnets for added safety, and the inside has two compartments for you to keep your weed-related valuables organized and separated.

In my opinion, this stash is a very powerful contender for the top weed container because of the way it looks, the convenient size, and how well it will perform at keeping your gadgets safe and your weed in optimal conditions.


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Without a doubt, one of the most important things to take into consideration regarding cannabis is how we store and keep our flower, devices, and related paraphernalia.

This is extremely important because if we do not keep our valuables safe and organized, we risk damaging or losing our precious gems.

Now, when it comes to weed, if we’re not storing it correctly, we are definitely going to feel sorry afterward when we see our buds have turned moldy, frail, or sunburnt.

The most important thing to consider when looking for a container for our cannabis valuables is the quality of the materials and how good they will do their task.

Many don’t really look at these factors and then put their health at risk because of the manufacturers’ materials or the container not being suitable for the task above.

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