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The Best Rolling Trays: 2023 Buyers Guide

Whether you're rolling a fat blunt or topping your bowl, a proper rolling tray is an essential accessory that every stoner should have. These are the best ones out there.

You don’t know how beautiful it is to have a designated rolling tray handy until you ditch the dingy cardboard box, or even better, the coffee/tea tray you kept from that one hotel. Personally, what I love most about a true rolling tray is that I can use it in front of friends with no shame.

As a social blunt smoker, I only roll up with company, and whipping out the bottom of an old package with my essentials scattered throughout makes me feel like the ultimate stereotypical stoner.

But with a rolling tray, I at least seem like a semi-civilized person. Besides, you’d be surprised how amazed and impressed fellow smokers are when someone brings a real rolling tray to the session. It’s refreshing not only for you, but also for everyone around you.

Of course, rolling trays aren’t just about good looks and good vibes. One of their best features is that they provide organization. They keep all of your tools in one spot, and some even have tops, along with slots to hold your rolling papers, grinder, etc.

Makes it a lot easier to tuck away your station and forget about it until the clock strikes 4:20 again. Rolling trays also come in many sizes, making them practical for any occasion, whether it be a quick car sesh before shopping or a typical night in binge-watching your favorite series.

The Best Rolling Trays On The Market

Between bills, the cost of weed, and other necessities, spending more than five bucks on a rolling tray sounds like too much dough. We get it, we can relate. But if you’re ever in the mood to be a tad boujee and want to utilize your tax refund, leftover holiday cash, or whatever on something charming and convenient for rolling the finest fatties, skimpies, and more, we vote rolling tray.

Sure, it might be unnecessary and overpriced, but just the same as with buying a brand new bong or an edible packed with so much THC it could get the whole family high, sometimes it’s nice to splurge on something that will make your medicated self smile. Here are our top picks:

Best Overall Rolling Tray

BENJI Walnut Trays

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BENJI is a well-known rolling paper brand, and they keep up the excellent work when making rolling trays. The Benji Walnut Trays are top-quality and durable rolling trays. Plus, they are incredibly good-looking. Perfect on display to showcase your beautiful buds and accessories

The Walnut Tray features a Magnetic Lid Kit to keep your weed safe with six different designs, adding style to your sesh.

That’s not all. When buying your Benji Walnut Tray, you also get a Benji booklet and a Benji pre-roll tube to make the neatest blunts.

Z's Life Pearl ZTray

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When enhancing your cannabis experience, having the right accessories can make all the difference. Of course, one essential accessory for any cannabis enthusiast is a top-quality rolling tray. We’ll explore Z’s Life Pearl ZTray, a truly remarkable rolling tray that stands out among its competitors as one of the best on the planet.

The Pearl ZTray is designed to elevate your rolling lifestyle with its sleek and minimalist design. Formed from cast resin, this elegant tray not only looks stunning but also offers the durability and functionality you need for your cannabis accessories.

One of the standout features of the Pearl ZTray is its ability to keep all your accessories neatly organized in one compact space.

Both sized ZBooks conveniently pressure fit into the two recessed right rectangular prisms on the tray. This ingenious design ensures that wherever the ZTray goes, its respective ZBooks follow, making it perfect for those who value organization and efficiency.

MunchMakers Personalized Rolling Trays

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When it comes to cannabis accessories, rolling trays have traditionally been a practical afterthought until now. Meet MunchMakers, a unique blend of functionality and individualism.

The Personal Touch: The standout feature of MunchMakers is their custom rolling trays. Imagine having a tray that’s built to last and captures a slice of your personality or favorite memories. From personal photos, favorite quotes to doodles – if you can visualize it, MunchMakers can likely craft it.

Quality That Speaks: Beyond personalization, the commitment to quality impresses. These trays aren’t just pretty; they’re also sturdy and crafted to endure. The premium metal ensures that it’s not just another accessory but a long-lasting staple in your collection.

Beyond The Tray: A quick tour of their website reveals that MunchMakers aren’t just about trays. They’re about enhancing the overall smoking experience with custom products. From grinders to stash jars, each product on offer comes with that signature touch of personalization, reinforcing their commitment to making the ordinary extraordinary.

RYOT Walnut Wood Rolling Tray

Handcrafted from a piece of solid, American-grown walnut and finished with a coat of linseed oil that gives it an undeniable sheen that is safe to hold your flower, the RYOT Walnut Wood Rolling Tray is the perfect addition to any stoners accessory repertoire.

Bowls are easily loaded and joints efficiently rolled thanks to its over-vert walls and the polished corner funnel makes clean-up easier than ever.

RAW Rolling Tray

RAW Triple Flip Bamboo Rolling Tray

If you’re not busting down bud and rolling paper airplanes on the daily, then the RAW Triple Flip Bamboo Rolling Tray is probably not for you. The Triple Flip Bamboo Rolling Tray isn’t just one rolling tray, but three, each of which features magnets. When all put together, everything is enclosed, making this rolling tray a cinch to store.

You can use the panels by themselves or conjoin them in one of eight different ways to create your ultimate rolling station with a spot for every tool, including your papers, grinder, bud, and an integrated metal ashtray too.

There’s also a magnetic rolling crutch/scooper and several surrounding holes for holding and displaying joints, blunts, cones, and more. Most importantly, the tray provides wide-open space for rolling, an absolute must for connoisseurs that roll up more often than not.  

Cookies Rolling Tray

Cookies SF LED Rechargeable Glowing Tray

Keep the party going with the Cookies Rolling Tray. This trendy tray can go anywhere with you and will look good doing it. There are 7 different colored LED lights on this rolling tray, so even if you lose power, you’ll still be able to see how amazing your joints are looking.

The durable polycarbonate tray has a built-in power bank that plugs into any outlet for easy re-charging or has a USB C-port charging cable so you’re more likely to always have power when you need it.

Backwoods Rolling Tray

Backwoods LED Rechargeable Glow Tray

The Backwoods Glow Rolling Tray has 7 different colored lights, so even if you lose power, you’ll know how awesome your joints are looking. We made this tray from polycarbonate and its rotocast in the USA using proprietary processes that make it 50% stronger than standard plastic trays.

It even has an internal power bank with a free USB C-port charging cable so you’ll probably always have power when you need it. The compact power bank means you’re more likely to have power when you need it, AND the built-in USB C-port charging cable means you’re more likely to always have power when you need it.

Wooden Rolling Trays

Matriarch Jay Mill

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The Jay Mill by Matriarch is a sexy and elegant tray made from premium Black Walnut wood. The rolling surface on this tray is about half a sheet of paper, and the complete tray is just 11 inches by 8 inches, making this a compact tray with elegant features.

This tray has eleven different compartments for you to distribute all your goodies and paraphernalia. On the sides of the tray, you may find paper storage slots, and due to this added thickness, the interior compartments are extra deep.

The top part of the tray is divided into the dual base area, which is great for holding many different sizes of jars and grinders, and the rolling area is about the size of half a sheet of paper.

RAW Wood Rolling Tray

This RAW Wood Rolling Tray is fully handcrafted and made from the highest quality Acacia wood. Acacia trees contain a resin that naturally repels water and the Acacia tree’s sap has been used for centuries as the main ingredient for paper rolling gum, making this tray a truly unique item. It’s 11 x 7 inches with a rolled rim, perfect for any type of tobacco or weed, or even snacks.

Give your rolling skills a natural high with RAW’s rolling tray. The water-resistant Acacia wood is perfect for hosting your finest tokes or simply using it as a decorative piece to beautify your home. You’ll love it!

Marley Natural Wooden Tray

A smoking device should be more than a tool. It should also be a work of art that you can proudly display on your table or desk. The Marley Natural Wooden Rolling Tray offers this functionality with its expertly crafted American hardwood frame with a magnetic front compartment, ensuring easy access to your papers and accessories.

From that harvest-inspired aroma to the rich taste of sipping chocolate, Marley Natural crafted their wooden rolling trays to make every moment spent with family and friends more meaningful.

Best Rolling Tray for Blunts

K. Haring Rolling Tray

Transform the everyday act of rolling into an artistic experience. With bold, childlike imagery designed by Keith Haring, this roll-up tray adds style and functionality to your tabletop.

The K. Haring Rolling Tray is inspired by New York City’s subway system and the Polish artist’s iconic works. In a graphic combination of black, white, and red, the classic tricolor patterns are given a bold new perspective, forcing viewers to re-examine the familiar.

This K. Haring tray holds the perfect balance between function and image. The clear glass top enables you to see what you’re working with, while the ultrasuede underside provides a nonslip surface for rolling.

Be Lit Ripple Rolling Tray

This psychedelic and artistic functional rolling tray will keep you if you couldn’t beat ‘em, smoke ‘em goods organized! Fun to look at, and with a variety of sizes, this rolling tray by Be Lit is sure to be a new favorite in your smoking accessories collection.

This rolling tray features a spacious surface with a psychedelic black and white Ripple print for you to chop and pack your smoking goods into! This tray is a perfect addition to every smoking lounge or personal collection.

Cool Rolling Trays

Runtz Glow Rolling Tray

Enjoy a never-ending glow-in-the-dark party with the Runtz Glow Rolling Tray. The rechargeable 1800mAh battery powers 6 high-efficiency multi-color LED lights that orbit around the tray in Auto Party Mode.

With two modes, Low and High, you can customize your light show to match your mood. Fully charged, the 18650 lithium-ion battery allows for 8 hours of use. Charging is extremely fast with the USB-C charger and you can charge either at home or on the go.

When your battery needs charging just plug it into any USB port or power bank and charge anytime at any place!

Zig-Zag Classic Orange Rolling Tray

What better way to roll than with the classic Zig-Zag rolling tray! This metal rolling tray is durable and comes with plenty of space on the inside to keep all of your smoking materials organized, regardless of your style. With a rust-resistant finish, this rolling tray provides an efficient smoking experience that won’t go up in smoke.

Whether you’re a Zig-Zag fan or not, this rolling tray is perfect for any smoke enthusiast. Solid steel construction has added strength to help support the weight and keep this tray from bending, while the orange finish gives it a high-quality look. This rolling tray doesn’t have any sticky residue left behind when its time to clean it off

Custom Rolling Trays

Kozo Rolling Combo

If you want a rolling tray with a sober design and sturdy materials, then Kozo has the coolest stuff for everyday blunt blowers and joint aficionados.

This rolling tray set comes with everything you need to sit down and prepare for a sweet sesh, including a four-piece aluminum herb grinder, a UV-proof glass jar with an odor-proof seal, a small rolling tray, a lock and two keys, and black padding to securely protect all your herbal necessities.

Mini Rolling Trays

Case On It Rolling Trays

On-the-go, you don’t have a lot of viable options for places to roll, if any, and not just any old surface will do for us picky folk because we don’t know the last time it was cleaned. Case On It is a cute and affordable rolling tray that’s made for smokers with an agenda and no time or weed to waste.  

In addition to providing a splash-proof area comprised of sturdy chromo paper and matte lamination for rolling safely anytime anywhere, Case On It doubles as a smell-proof, powerfully magnetic compartment for storing the herb on the move. By far the most convenient thing about Case On It is that it’s able to be folded neatly into a small square, making it a literal pocket-size rolling tray.

It also comes in a fun array of styles to suit your personality or a friend’s, if you’re looking for an awesome gift idea for a fellow toker.

Glass Rolling Trays

RAW Glass Rolling Tray

Whether you are a glass specialist or a novice, you need a rolling tray to keep your cool bud. Get the clean and polished RAW Glass Rolling Tray made from two solid slabs of double-thick high-quality borosilicate glass, an essential for any die-hard RAW fan.

This elegant glass rolling tray from RAW is the perfect companion for those who enjoy smoking or vaping the finest oils and herbs. These trays are made of durable, thick glass with the iconic RAW logo.

Pulsar Glass Rolling Tray

The Pulsar Glass Rolling Trays are the perfect accessory for anyone who is an enthusiast of glass. Be it rolling or serving, these trays are sure to impress any friend or family member! Created from premium borosilicate, these trays are sturdy and made to last!

The Pulsar glass rolling trays are made to hold your dabs, concentrates, flower, food, glassware, and much more! These durable trays feature five silicone rings that help the tray from sliding and other slippery surfaces. The Pulsar logo marks these trays as world-class glass.

Metal Rolling Trays

Blazy Susan Stainless Steel Rolling Tray

Fashioned from the finest steel, the new Blazy Susan rolling trays offer not only utility, but true beauty as well. The perfect companions for both world-class smokers and dabbers alike. This is a tray that will add elegance to any party.

Each tray features a handy built-in tool holder, splash-resistant velvet lining, and a sturdy bottom. No other rolling tray on the market has such an incredible combination of style, durability, and practicality.

Michael Scott Paper Company Rolling Tray

When you look at this rolling tray, what do you see? The Office? Michael Scott? Jim Halpert? Listen up, no matter what it is, this is a great gift for any fan of the show and an awesome conversation piece to spice up your next party!

This awesome rolling tray is the perfect gift for any fan of The Office! Get ready to have all your friends laughing as you unroll your papers onto the Michael Scott branded tray.

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