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Ooze Resölution Bong Cleaner Review: The Easiest Way To Keep A Sparkling Clean Bong

Here's a product that makes removing stubborn resin and stains from your bong as simple as rip, pour and store.

Cleaning bongs and other glass or metal pieces is never an easy job. Between scraping, heating, and prying resin out of tight spaces, it can seem impossible to get a piece to look as clean as the day you bought it.

Rather than go through the hassle of traditional cleaning methods, a new product is offering consumers the simplest cleaning technique to date. Aside from the simplicity of it all, the product is reusable, eco-friendly, and affordable – meet Resölution.

While there are a variety of ingredients that can be mixed together to simplify the cleaning process, Resölution has created a product that makes removing stubborn resin as simple as rip, pour and store.

About Resölution

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Founded in 2015, the Colorado-based company Resölution, set out to change common stigmas associated with cannabis consumers and portray a more refined, progressive cannabis community.

Resölution introduced their first product, ResCaps, in the hopes that it would help consumers change the way they clean, protect, travel with, and store their equipment.

ResCaps are made of a stretchable material, allowing them to fit snuggly on the ends of bongs, pipes, steamrollers, and a variety of other cannabis accessories.

Not only do they stop the scent, but they also seal and protect the glass, making it possible to actually travel with a bong.

Forget Everything You Knew About Bong Cleaning

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There’s nothing worse than sitting down to a freshly packed bowl of top-shelf flowers, only to realize you’re pipe is so resin-covered it barely hits, and what little hits you are getting taste like the inside of a gym sock.

Bongs are even worse. Often we forget to empty their water after each use, creating a less than desirable situation when it comes to resin gathering inside.

Pipe cleaners, salt, rubbing alcohol, toothbrushes, bobby pins, toothpicks, the list of creative tools used by cannabis consumers to clean their equipment goes on and on. While it can be tricky to remove resin, even for the most skilled of hands, the tools we use can cause unseen damage.

Microscopic scratches are a result of scraping and cleaning smoking equipment improperly. Not only do these scratches weaken the glass or metal, but they can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful organisms.

How Does Resölution Work?

The Resölution all-natural glass and metal cleaning gel dissolves resin like magic. The gel comes in a resealable pouch, making it simple to rip the top off, drop in hand pipes or smaller smoking items, shake and walk away.

In 30 minutes, remove the once-dirty pipe to reveal a sparkling clean piece. After using, the pouch can simply be sealed to await its next mission. The gel can be reused multiple times, despite the change in color after the initial use.

In combination, the ResCaps and cleaning gel create a simple, effective method for removing resin and delivering a piece as clear and clean as the day it was purchased.

For bong cleaning, pour the gel inside, apply the ResCaps and shake. Resölution has made it incredibly simple to maintain a clean, healthy smoking regimen.

Resölution also offers a bong cleaning subscription kit, so you’ll always be able to keep your bong sparkling clean.

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