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Review: Freeze Pipe’s New Revolver Glycerin Coil

Freeze Pipe's Revolver Glycerin Coils offer a new, innovative way to cool smoke in bongs.

It took me some time to part ways with my old bong. She’s been with me through thick and thin, but it was time to level up.

And level-up I did, thanks to Freeze Pipe. The brand is a small American online shop that makes freezable bongs, bubblers, pipes, and more. Its many innovative products stuck out like a sore thumb in a sea of mediocre glass pieces.

More specifically, what stuck out to me was the renowned Recycler Bong. It’s a whopping 17″ tall with the thickest, highest quality borosilicate glass you can find in a bong.

What was even more exciting about the purchase is Freeze Pipe’s new Revolver Glycerin Coils that cool each hit to the max. Read on for my full review of Freeze Pipe’s Recycler Bong + Revolver Glycerin Coil.

Recycler Bong + Revolver Glycerin Coil

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Freeze Pipe’s Recycler Bong recently underwent a change that we’re sure bong users will adore.

Many Freeze Pipe products used the brand’s staple Spiral Glycerin Coil. This coil is freezable and was designed to be placed in the freezer about an hour before each sesh.

When frozen and ready, the Spiral Coil is placed back into the bong to cool down each rip while elongating the airpath for increased filtration.

While the Spiral Coil is tried and true, Freeze Pipe recently launched its Revolver Glycerin Coil to experiment with different ways we can cool our bong rips.

It uses six independent tubes that run vertically, as opposed to one spiral tube. The result is better airflow and easier cleaning, making it one of the most innovative features we can find in bongs.

The Experience

When using the Revolver Glycerin Coil with the Recycler Bong, you get the smoothest experience possible. The Recycler Bong creates an endless loop of water and smoke that circulates throughout the glass piece to create:

  • Increased airflow
  • Maximum filtration
  • Elongated travel time for maximum cooling

It’s a huge level-up from traditional bongs, but still traditional enough that you’ll be familiar with how it works and operates. Even better, if you love dabs as much as you love flower, the Recycler Bong lets you dab it up in the “coolest” way possible.

After one hit, you’ll be amazed by the better percolation, airflow, and overall taste compared to your old reliable bong or rig. It comes with a 14mm female bowl and is by far the easiest and most effective way to make the most of your flower or concentrate.

I must say, the Revolver Glycerin Coil was a neat addition to the experience. While the brand’s staple Spiral Coil works just as effectively, it’s nice to dabble in something new and test the waters to determine your preference.

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