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Spyglass Wellness Lingua THCV Tincture Review: What You Need To Know

Curious about THCV? This tincture is a must try.

If you are looking to start to take THC or CBD because of their therapeutic effects, tinctures might be the best way to go.

Smoking or vaping is not an odorless experience and might be harsh on the throat, and although edibles can be discreet, they might be too intense for beginners.

One of the best tinctures around is the Lingua brand from Spyglass Wellness, especially their newer Lingua THCV Tincture with the added benefits from THCV.

Spyglass Wellness is not only straightforward about its contents and third-party lab testing, but its tincture is also a fantastic product with top-shelf THC and minor cannabinoids.

Keep reading our review if you want to know more about what we think about their product, the benefits we found, and how to use this tincture.

About Spyglass Wellness

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Before we dive into the world of tinctures, let’s talk a bit of Spyglass Wellness. Since 2014 they have been in the front of legalization for hemp and cannabis-based products, looking for a natural solution to help with addiction.

Spyglass has also found its mission in spreading awareness about how hemp-based products can help your day-to-day ailments.

They create their product from environmentally friendly practices from Washington, Nevada, and Colorado farms. 

They are also known for having continuous research on cannabinoids and terpenes and for having leading professionals that use the latest technology and breakthroughs in medical research.

Their products show the lab tests and are fully upfront about the cannabinoids and isolates contained in their products.

About Lingua THCV Tincture

Let’s take a look at the Lingua THCV Tincture first. It comes in a 150 ml bottle with 1,000 mg of THC-V per bottle. It comes with over 100 doses per bottle with superior quality, hemp-based extracts.

Also, note that this tincture is vegan, keto, and gluten-free so that it will adapt to pretty much any lifestyle. You can also order it in the Maximum Strength presentation, which provides up to 4 times the power of the regular version of THCV.

It comes in a discreet packaging that looks like it came from your local pharmacy. It also has a child-proof bottle cap-dropper that will prevent little hands from snooping around your bag or cabinet.


This tincture uses a top-shelf quality hemp extract blend mixed with MCT Oil. It has over five different cannabinoids inside, although THCV is the show’s main star.

You will also find CBD-V, CBC-V, CBG, CBC, CBD, CBN, and less than 1% of Delta 9 THC in the blend. 


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This tincture can be used in many ways. You can always try for fast relief, a 1/5 of a dropper sublingually, as it’s the easiest way to check on your preferred dose.

You can also mix the tincture into butter, oil, or other oil-based food to cook with savory or sweet foods.

You can even get a little adventurous and mix your preferred dose to make a batch of brownies, a delicious pasta dinner, or add some to your favorite latte for  THCV infused coffee drink. 

Spyglass Wellness also has recipe and dosing guides if you want to look for specific directions.

Herb also has a pretty hefty guide of edible recipes if you feel like going into a cannabis-based culinary adventure.


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The most significant benefit of these tinctures is their fast-acting action. It’s excellent to get the focus back on your day-to-day, feel energized, and even help with some appetite control.

One of the main functions of THCV is its ability to help with your metabolism, so it can also help with appetite control, high blood pressure, or feeling a little better about ailments.

This product also contains CBN and CBD, so combined with the powerful THCV it can aid you with pain relief, anxiety, nervousness, or stress factors that might affect your daily routine.


This tincture will definitely help with appetite control and will help you feel energized and chill during your day.

If anything, it might feel closer to a sativa-hybrid effect, rather than a body high or “euphoria-high”.

It can also give you an energized feeling, which can help with a lack of motivation during long days or even help with productivity during work.


If you’ve been meaning to try THCV for a while, the Lingua THCV Tincture by Spyglass Wellness is a perfect starting point.

Not only it works super fast due to its superior quality cannabinoid blend. It’s great to use on ailments, makes you feel more energized, helps with appetite control, and even treats anxiety or nervousness. 

With a 35 USD price point and over 1,000 mg of cannabinoids blend, including CBD, CBN, and starring THCV, this tincture is excellent to bake, dose sublingually, or even add to your favorite drink.

So feel free to try it if you feel like you need to restore your vitality and get the best therapeutic benefits from top-quality cannabinoids without having to worry about smoking.

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